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Fayette County Prison Inmate Search

Pennsylvania Fayette 262
61 East Main Street
Uniontown, PA 15401

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Comments 3

  1. doris szedon Tue, Feb 22 2011 12:57 PM

    Why is it so difficult to get in touch with someone in prison. I would like to speek to my brother but i don't even know how or when. I would like to send him money for himself. but how? Is there a special time I can call him/ I know he is in prison but as far as i know he didn't do anything dangerous to anyone. Could someone please help me.

  2. nancy black Fri, Jun 22 2012 7:44 PM

    how is it that the nurses are aloud to change up and around on a inmate medication? when they got their they were fine. untill two days later. they are really sick from not haveing the right amount of their medican. i thought there dr's had to give the okay to do this!

  3. ???? Fri, May 24 2013 1:13 PM

    This is one of the most run down jails Ive have ever seen! There are rats all through the basement area where they keep the females and roaches the size of my finger. It amazes me they even keep this place open and house inmates in the condition they do. The woman especially are treated the worse and are constantly locked down for the things the men do upstairs, nor do the ever get the rec time they are suppose to but the men receive time outside in the yard daily. The building is falling apart around them and nobody seems to care. There is only a few workers who actually care and take time to address issues that are at hand and the same thig for the nurses. I've personally watched pregnant girls have seizures and fall asnd smack their head off of the metal table in the tiny area they do have for the girls to sit and the nurses just watch from behind the bars laughing stating 'well she should of thought about that before she decided to get high while being pregnant'. It is impossible to see a doctor or counseler without sending slips 100 times a day until they get sick of hearing from you, thats if they even send your slip up because if the staff dont like you they dont go out of their way to help you in any aspect! I never seen such inhumane treatment in my life and I'm sure if they could get a news crew of some sort in that place and it was to be exposed for what it really is that place would be shut down in a heart beat. Yes I know people are in there for crimes committed but there is a lot more people in there who are not convicted yet and just awaiting trail who are innocent yet cant afford the outrageous amounts of bail they place on people because of the fact that the jail and county are so in dept to other county jails such as Greene County etc that they are force to be stuck in those conditions until they can be seen by a judge in order to get out. I will and plan to continue to write to everyone i have too in order for there to be change done because people deserve rights and don't deserve to be place in conditions like that for small crimes that normal counties wouldn't even be holding them for on bail etc. Get it together Fayette County you should be ashamed!! I'm sure this will be deleted as well as other messages I've seen people place and then they get deleted shortly after. You can delete the messages all you want but you will never silence us when it come to friends and family being treated the way the do in your facility!

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