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Davis Co. Farmington Bay Youth Ctr

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Davis Co. Farmington Bay Youth Ctr

Davis County Youth Detention

Utah Davis 42
907 West Clark Lane
Farmington, UT 84025

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  1. laura kay carrillo Thu, Jul 28 2011 4:51 AM

    my daughter went to Farmington Bay Juvenile Detention. She had a probation hearing within 48 hrs. in which i attended with her. It was video court. The judge released her that day with a promise to appear. I was advised that if she did not make it , i would be charged with a failure to appear and a warrant would be put out on my daughter. I agreed to the judges orders and he told us the date, time, and courthouse to appear at. They wrote down all judges orders and court information. My daughter and i show up at courthouse just as ordered and find out they sent us to wrong court. a court clerk their advised me of the correct courthouse and so i called the muuray city court and spoke with the clerk and explained what had happened and that we needed to reschedule. She didnt beleive the judge at det. hearing had given us the wrong info and put a warrant out on my daughter and a failure to appear on me. The only way to prove they made the mistake was to order the audio tape of the hearing that day which i did. Chris Horsfall a probation officer at Farmington Court House listened to the tape and proved it was their misyake. He sent numerous emails explaining the situation and asked them to drop the warrant and failure to appear. Murray City Court did not contact mr. Horsfall or respond to any of his emails. My daughter ended up in Farmington Bay again because of the warrant and i was arrested also for the failure to appear, which A $250.00 cash only bail was paid. I have the audio tape and a reliable witness that proves i was wrongly convicted and charged for their mistake and ignorance. I want the $250.00 that was paid for my bail given back to me. How do i go about that and clear our charges they were at fault for? They make an example of our mistakes.. Shouldn't we get to do the same?

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