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Drastically Reduce the Cost of Calls from Your Out of State Inmate

Most facilities contract with a third-party company so you can fund prepaid calls, but if those calls are long distance, it can become cost-prohibitive. Luckily there is a way to pay local call rates for long-distance calls on a prepaid service. First, Do Some Very Basic Research Find out the area code for the jail […]

Getting a Felon's Voting Rights Restored in Louisiana

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, however, once convicted of a felony, whether or not that right will be restored to you is up to the state that you reside in. The laws for Louisiana include: You've Been Charged You cannot vote in Louisiana if you are incarcerated for […]

How to Get Your Visitation Suspension Lifted

The hardest part of having your jail visits suspended indefinitely is not having any idea when or if you are going to be able to visit your inmate again. In most cases, visits are suspended due to the visitor violating visitation rules. There are things you can do to try and those visits reinstated. Get […]

When 12-Step Programs Don't Work For You

The 12-Step program is not the only method used in rehabs to assist addicts in getting clean and living sober lifestyles. Some rehabs accomplish the same goals through the following means: Medication Medications are available to assist with addiction. For Opiate addicts, the medication blocks Opiate cravings and in some cases will cause you to […]

Five Reasons to Go to Drug Rehab and Stay Out of Jail

You know you have a problem, because lately your life has been falling apart. But going to rehab or seeking outpatient treatment seems like a drastic measure, because you're still surviving. Think about getting help for these reasons: It shows your family you are serious. How many times have you promised to stop using drugs […]

How to find out if you've been a Victim of Fraud

In most cases of fraud, the victim's identity is stolen and unauthorized purchases are made. News stories report victims making the discovery after they are thousands of dollars in debt for things they never purchased. There are usually signs before it gets to that point, but you have to know what to look for. Obtain […]

Getting a Felon's Voting Rights Restored in Illinois

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, however, once convicted of a felony, whether or not that right will be restored to you is up to the state that you reside in. The laws for Illinois include: If You've Been Charged Until you are convicted of a felony and incarcerated […]

Best Days for Inmate Phone Calls

As much as you would like to talk to your inmate each day, the cost of inmate phone calls makes this impossible for most people. If your budget can only handle a couple of calls a week, tell your inmate to call you on Thursdays and Sundays. Thursday Thursday phone calls give you almost the […]

A Guide to Inmate Visitation Online

Jails across the nation are catching on to the popularity of offering remote, "at-home," visitation. Not only is it convenient for jail staff, inmates, and family members, but it is also a way for the jail to collect revenue because in most cases, at-home visitation is a paid service. How it Works To be able […]

Consequences of Contraband Mail

At some point you might be tempted to mail contraband to your inmate. After all, how much trouble will it really cause, right? The answer is, plenty. The consequences of being caught mailing contraband to an inmate or an inmate receiving it can be severe. Criminal Charges If your inmate is in a state or […]

Maine Marijuana Laws: Decriminalized but Still Tricky

Decriminalizing Pot doesn't always mean it is completely legal. Here are some current guidelines. Possession Unlike several other states that chose an ounce as the cutoff for a civil penalty, Maine allows you to possess up to 2.5 ounces and still receive a civil ticket. The fine is a flat $600 regardless of the amount. […]

Prison Skills Applied After Release

Getting out of prison and starting over is not easy, but with a little creative thinking, you can use the abilities you learned while incarcerated into useful tools for life. Organization – Almost everyone who goes into prison comes out much more organized in all aspects of life. Whether it has to do with keeping […]

You are on Felony Probation: 4 Things Not To Do

Being on felony probation means you report to a probation officer by phone or in person, typically once a month. Between your reporting dates, you need to stay on your probation officer's good side. 1. Don't associate with felons. Almost all felony probation officers will tell you not to hang around with known felons. It […]

Average Prison Sentence Per Offense

The one thing that is consistent about US prison sentences is their inconsistency. Each state sets its own rules to use for each criminal offense. The more serious crimes, called felonies, are typically given longer sentences, while less serious crimes, called misdemeanors have shorter sentences. Taking a life — A premeditated murder can result

Parental Visitation: Know the keys to Helping Your Child Visit Their Parent in Jail

Children typically desire contact with their parents, even if a parent is incarcerated, so learn the ropes to keep the connection going: Keep it Simple Depending on the age of the child, you can explain without going into too much detail, why the parent is in jail. Preschool to elementary kids – Let them know […]

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The Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, like all jails is a maximum security facility. Because the inmates in this jail range from low level offenders to those being held for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder, the security level is as high as is it is in any maximum security state prison. Some of the security features in this facility include security cameras, electronic detection and reinforced fencing topped with razor wire. Correctional officers in Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road are armed with mace and trained to use physical force to protect themselves and other inmates from violence.

The men, women and juveniles being held in the Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Hillsborough County Court System already and been sentenced to a period of time of one year or less. When an inmate is sentenced to a year or more, they are admitted into the Florida Prison or Federal Prison System. Inmates in the Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road are fed three meals a day totaling 2,500 calories, are allowed access to phones to contact friends and family members, are allowed at least one hour a day for exercise, have access to books, bathroom and shower facilities. The inmates are allowed mail to be delivered to them as well as newspapers and magazine from trusted outside publishers.

The other jail facilities in Hillsborough County, Florida are: Hillsborough County Jail - Orient Road, Hillsborough County Jail Work Release. In addition, Hillsborough County houses the following juvenile facilities: Hillsborough County Juvenile Assessment Center, Hillsborough Juvenile Detention East, Hillsborough Regional Juvenile Detention Center West.

On this page you will find direct links to specific information that friends and family members of inmates will find useful: Hillsborough County Inmate Search, Inmate Phone use, Visitation Rules and Schedules, Commissary Deposits and Information about the Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road Inmate Mail Guidelines. In addition, you will find information on how to contact the facility, directions to the jail, Hillsborough County recent arrests, Most Wanted, outstanding Arrest Warrants and much more.

Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road Inmate Search

Department of Detention Services

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Tampa Police Department

Florida Hillsborough 2,304
520 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619
Inmate's first and last name - booking #
Falkenburg Road Jail
520 Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619

The two adult jails in Hillsborough County are Orient Road Jail - phone number 813-247-8300 or 813-247-8371, and the Falkenburg Road Jail - phone number 813-247-0234. Hillsborough County Jail also has a Work Release Program and two Juvenile Detention Centers, East and West


While your inmate is in jail you can order them packagesonline, send them commissary money,  visit with them using the video visitation system,  set up a phone account to receive calls from them or send mail to them.


Parents in Jail: Getting a Preschool-aged Child Ready to Visit

Preschool-aged children are very attached to their parents. If one of them is suddenly arrested and incarcerated it can cause lots of anxiety. Allowing the child to visit the parent can help alleviate those fears but it is important to explain what's coming with age-appropriate discussions. Talk it over immediately Waiting too long to explain […]

Notorious Female Criminals in the United States Infographic

For decades, the number of women being convicted of felonies has been rising. The rate is not only changing, but it's changing fast. Are women racing to prison? Is this a competition to see who's the most badass? Females have been linked to the criminal justice system throughout history, but it's clear that they are […]

4 Good Places to Find Prison Pen Pals

Learn About Them Through friends. If you know someone who is incarcerated or has a family member incarcerated, ask for the name of an inmate who might like having a pen pal. This is an excellent way to meet pen pals because they can give a personal recommendation. Use Pen Pal Sites. There are several […]

Deciding How Much Money to Put on the Books

What does the inmate need? Contact the jail and ask what basics are supplied. Most jails give the inmates toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and toilet paper. Ask them what happens if the inmate runs out of something. is it replaced right away or do they have to wait a week or longer for new supplies […]

How to Survive Prison

Most people know the importance of working out and staying physically fit to survive prison, but mental strength and attitude play a huge role in getting through incarceration. Expand Your Skills If the prison offers classes, sign up for some. Whether it is music lessons, anger management or business math, anything you learn is something […]

Dealing with a Drug Addict: How I Started Letting Go

If you are dealing with an addict in your life, you already know that you won't be able to keep it up forever. There will come a point where you will need to reclaim your life and get back among the living. Years ago, I began taking gradual steps toward letting go and by the […]

Inmate Mail: How to Get an Envelope or Post Card Pre-Metered

If the facility that your inmate is in will only accept pre-metered mail, it is important to know how to get that done. Sticking a regular stamp on it and sending it will only get it sent back or discarded. Your inmate will never see it. You have several options: Get it Pre-Metered at the […]

What's the Difference between Jails and Prisons?

Both jails and prisons house inmates but there are some important differences in what the two institutions are used for. Sentenced or Not? People accused of crimes but not yet convicted are held in county or city jails. In some cases, a bond amount is set and if the defendant can pay it he or […]

Getting a Felon's Voting Rights Restored in Louisiana

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, however, once convicted of a felony, whether or not that right will be restored to you is up to the state that you reside in. The laws for Louisiana include: If You've Been Charged You cannot vote in Louisiana if you are incarcerated […]

Consequences of Providing Contraband to an Inmate

It is never a good idea to mail contraband to an inmate or to bring it on a visit. The consequences for such actions are serious not only for the inmate, but also for you. What is Contraband? Contraband is anything that inmates are not allowed to have in their possession. Obvious examples are weapons, […]

Getting a Felon's Voting Rights Restored in Massachusetts

Voting is one of the most fundamental rights given to American citizens, but that right can be lost if you're a convicted felon. It's up to the each state to decide their laws about restoring rights. The laws for Massachusetts include: If You're Charged If you've been charged with a crime, but have not yet […]

Voting Rights for Felons in Alabama

The state of Alabama allows felons to have their voting rights restored under the following guidelines. You must have completed your entire sentence, including incarceration, probation, and parole, or community supervision. Once completed, you have three options: Contact your local parole or probation office Write to the Board of Pardons and Parole

Are Penalties Stiffer For Selling Drugs in a Drug-Free School Zone?

Being accused of dealing drugs or having enough in your possession for resale is a serious situation, but many states have also implemented additional penalties for drug situations near a school. Each state sets its own rules about this, but in most cases it is a higher grade of felony with longer sentences. What is […]

He is a Drug Addict, but he Keeps Passing Drug Tests – How?

The probation department has the ability to send a test off to be examined for tampering, but you don't have those same connections. Understanding how they can be cheated will help you test him more effectively. Related: How do America's drug courts work? The Houdini switch Drug users have this down to a science. Everyone […]

Why and How Drugs Are Divided Into Different Classes and Levels

The class of drug is typically included in the criminal charge for possession, sale or use. For examples, the charge would read, "Possession of a Class I drug for resale," or "Possession of a Class II drug". How They're Classed While each agency determines which drugs fall into each schedule, class or level, they are […]

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Visiting an Inmate in the Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road in Florida

If you would like to visit an inmate at the Falkenburg Road division of Hillsborough County Jail, there are various procedures and rules you'll need to follow. The information discussed here will walk you through all the steps.

  • All inmate visits for each Hillsborough County Jail division is held at the Falkenburg Road division
  • The Falkenburg Road division uses video visitation only.

Visitors must bring a photo ID. A photo ID could be one of these choices

  • A valid driver's license
  • Or a valid passport with a photo attached
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Or any other Government-issued ID with the Photo in a plastic case or covering

Visiting Schedule

  • Visitation hours are Sunday through Saturday 1:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Visits begin at 1:00PM and the last visit is scheduled at 8:00PM
  • All video visits must begin on the hour (example: 1:00PM, 2:00Pm, etc.)
  • Visitors must arrive to their visit 5 minutes ahead of their scheduled appointment
  • If a visitor does not arrive 5 minutes early. They will not be allowed in the visitor viewing area.
  • Visitors can arrive no earlier than 30 minutes
  • All visits are exactly 40 minutes long

All visitors must follow the jail's dress code

  • Shirt and shoes must be worn
  • Undergarments cannot be visible
  • Clothes cannot expose the shoulders, chest, back, stomach, midriff or upper-thigh
  • No transparent or spandex clothes
  • Hats and hair coverings of any kind are not allowed
  • No tank tops, halter tops or tube-style tops
  • No spandex leggings or tights
  • Shorts and skirts cannot be shorter than mid-thigh
  • No clothes with inappropriate language or graphics

*  Visitors may wear certain religious head covering. However, they will be asked to remove them only for the security check. The security check will be a visual check and an electronic wand search. The jail will do this search with respect toward the visitor. If a visitor refuses to remove a religious head covering for the security check, they may not be allowed in the visiting area.

Rules for people with infants and children

Visitors with infants may bring the following items into the visiting area

  • 1 baby bottle
  • 1 diaper
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby blanket
  • 1 diaper bag

* Strollers are not allowed in the visiting area

  • All children must be supervised at all times and cannot bother other visitors
  • If a child is disruptive, the visitor and child will be asked to leave, and the visit will be cancelled
  • If the behavior continues on future visits, visiting privileges can be taken away

Other Information

  • The visitation center will be closed on observed holidays and Christmas day
  • All visits are by appointment-only and scheduled by the inmate
  • The inmate must schedule a visit 1 day in advance
  • All visits are monitored and may be recorded
  • Car keys, wallets and cell phones are not allowed in the visiting area
  • All visitors must act appropriately at all times

The following behaviors are considered inappropriate and are not allowed

  • Exposing of sexual organs
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Excessive loud and disruptive talking and emotion

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RELATED: Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road Inmate Services

writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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How to use the Inmate Search for Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road in Florida

Some inmate information is public record; therefore, many jails across the country have online search tools were you can view their current inmate list and other public information.  If you're trying to locate an inmate at Hillsborough County's Falkenburg Road Jail, click here to get started.

[Article_Ad_2]If you already know the specific inmate you're looking for, you can enter their full name or booking number into the provided boxes. As well, you could search using the inmate's birthday.  Every time you do a search, you will have to enter a code that's already provided.  If you would like to view a list of the inmate population, there are a few things you can do.

  • Narrow your by male or female by choosing the sex and pressing enter
  • Narrow your search by the following race: Asian, Black, Indian, White and Unknown
  • Search a specific booking date or release date
  • If you would like to see longer lists of inmates, then enter a single letter (ex. a, b, c) into the NAME search box

Once your list comes up, you can choose to sort and view that list by booking date, booking number or name.

Each line of the inmate list shows the following information:

  • Booking Number
  • Name
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Arrest Date
  • Booking Date

For more information about an inmate, click on their booking number. You'll be taken to their page which has the following information.

  • Their booking image (mug shot)
  • Status (current inmates have an "in-jail" status)
  • Bond Amount if available or "none"
  • Cash, fine or purge if available - these relate to Bond
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Build (small, large, etc.)
  • Current Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Their SOID number. (SOID stands for Sherriff's Office Identification Number)
  • SOID Name - which is the name the office has on file for the inmate
  • Alias names if they're available. Which is other names the inmate may go by
  • Address information if available

In their profile, you'll find the following public information about their arrest

  • Arrest agency
  • Arrest Date
  • Arrest Time
  • Book Date
  • Book Time
  • Arrest Location
  • Arrest Jurisdiction

The following public information is available about their release (if applicable) and other details.

  • Release information (last classification, date and time)
  • Name of attorney, if available
  • Address if available
  • Attorney's office phone number
  • Inmate's next of kin, if available
  • Employer
  • Occupation

The following is public information about the inmate's charge(s)

  • Charge Description
  • Class (for example, F1 is a class one felony)
  • Court number
  • Days in custody
  • Charge count
  • Charge Type (for example, this may say "probable cause")
  • Report number
  • Case number
  • Date of charges
  • Charge Code
  • OBTS Number (OBTS stands for "Offender-Based Transaction Statistics" - This is a system that collects statistical data about the county's criminal justice system)

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RELATED: Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road Inmate Services

writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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Communicating with an Inmate Housed at the Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road in Florida

If you have a family member, friend or loved one at the Falkenburg Road jail, this information will walk you through everything you need to know about mail, telephone calls and sending money.

At anytime, you may send a letter to an inmate using U.S Postal Service only. When writing, please address your envelope in the following way:

  • Inmate's Name
  • Falkenburg Road Jail
  • 520 Falkenburg Road
  • Tampa, FL. 33619

The jail receives U.S Postal Service mail Monday through Saturday. Before an inmate receives their letter, jail staff with open and inspect it first for contraband. Contraband is anything that's illegal to import and export.  If an inmate is receiving legal or privileged mail, it will be opened and inspected with the inmate present.

If you would like to send money to an inmate, you may send money orders, travelers checks, cashier's check or a government check.  Please include the following information on your check or money order.

  • Inmates Name
  • Booking Number
  • You name and address

All money deposits may take between 24 to 96 hours to complete. If you don't know the booking number of an inmate, you may use the jail's online search tool to find that information.  Just enter the inmate's name, enter the provided security code and the booking number will be listed next to the inmates name.

If you'd like to talk to an inmate on the phone, the inmate may call you from the jail.  An inmate can call you between the hours of 7:00AM to 10:00PM.  You cannot call the jail to talk to an inmate and messages will not be delivered.

In order to receive your call, you need to set up an account with CenturyLink by calling 1-888-664-7839.  All these calls are billed to your local phone company.  If you would like to pay for the calls through a pre-paid account, call 1-888-506-8047 or visit the ICSolutions website to set up your account.  You're also given the option of crediting the calls to an inmate's account by calling 1-888-888-8413.

At times, there may be limits on the length of calls, hours of availability, monthly minutes and total of calls made in a month.  The calls will be monitored and recorded with an inmate voice validation.  If your telephone company doesn't have an agreement with CenturyLink, or you're past due on certain phone service bills, than you may be blocked from receiving an inmate call. If you're experiencing this type of situation, you can still set up an account through ICSolutions.

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RELATED: Hillsborough County Jail - Falkenburg Road Inmate Services

writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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