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Kemper-Neshoba County Correctional Inmate Search




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Kemper-Neshoba County Correctional Inmate Search


Mississippi Department of Corrections

Kemper-Neshoba County/Regional Correctional Facility

Mississippi Kemper-Neshoba 250


374 Stennis Industrial Park Rd
DeKalb, MS, 39328


374 Stennis Industrial Park Rd
DeKalb, MS, 39328

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Comments 3

  1. Russell Adams Tue, Jan 18 2011 1:12 AM

    Why come Russell J Adams mdoc#133821 is not eligible for parole?? He has served almost half his sentence and is currently incarcarated in a maximum security facility in Marshall County. Do you actually believe this is going to rehab Mr Adams by keeping him locked up 23 hours a day?? On November 5th, 2010 Kemper County Deputy Robert Jointer went to the knrcf and redflagged 3 inmates who were threatining inmate Adams. No less than a week later inmate Adams was transfered to cmcf in Jackson, Ms, and a few days later was transferred to msp at Parchman Ms. He had been there less than 24 hours when one of the redflagged inmates was transferred to the SAME DORM as inmate Adams. This in itself is a violation of inmate Adams rights!! He was also involved in an altercation while incarcarated at msp. This is when Ken North flagged him as a gang member! This is BS!! He was transferred to 32-b to RECOVER FROM HIS WOUNDS!! He was later identified by officers Ken North of Ms cid as a gang member. None of this is true. Mr Adams is by no means perfect as is any inmate, but a gang member, surely you jest. Unfortunately theres nothing i(Russell L Adams Jr) can do about this but send him commissary money (to keep him from starving) and send some form of recreational reading material (BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS KEEP HIM LOCKED UP 23 HOURS A DAY!!)I believe it is past time for inmate Adams to come up for parole and you cannot believe everything mdoc says,(i personally believe NOTHING they say) inmate Adams has a stack of certificates he was given while incarcarated at walnut grove. He attended none of these clases!! I will be petinioning the mdoc for inmate Adams parole in the next few weeks,(probably wont do any good!!) Also everytime he is transferred from one facility to another mdoc takes his belongings and he never gets them back?? What happens to this stuff?? I think i know. You will be hearing from me or an attorney soon as i am sure inmate Adams rights have been violated SEVERAL times. Very sincerely, Russell L Adams Jr

  2. Rusell Adams Tue, Jan 18 2011 1:17 AM

    I can be reached at 2945 Hwy 496/ Meridian, Ms 39301-8994 my phone# is 601-637-0058. I WANT and EXPECT some results. This has gone on LONG ENOUGH. Russell L Adams Jr 01/17/2011

  3. Kelly Wed, Dec 21 2011 8:03 PM

    My son was just abruptly moved from his facility. Is this a normal occurance? He hadnt asked for a transfer. I have ordered books for him for Christmas,and magizine subscriptions. Will they forward his mail to him? I dont even know what facility he has been moved to in order to receive calls from him. The m.d.o.c. web sites still lists him at his original facility.

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