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You Need To Know The Information Of A Criminal Arrest Record

Sixty-five million Americans have a criminal record. One of those people could be your roommate, teacher, coworker, pastor, romantic interest or friend. Don't you want to know if the person you hang out with on the weekend, plan to hire at your company or let your kids spend time with has a troubled past? It is true that a criminal arrest record from the past doesn't always indicate how a person lives their life today. However, you can use information your find on a criminal arrest record as a tool to determine a person's character and protect yourself and your loved ones. ... Read More

Using A Background Check To Clear A Person's Name

Feel like your friends are suspicious of your new relationship? Or perhaps your neighbors have been making veiled references to your "dangerous" past. Although background checks are most commonly used to identify criminal behavior and other violations, they can also serve a positive function in your life. Using a background check to clear a person's name is an easy way to ease suspicions from friends or family. When Can a Background Check Be Used to Clear Someone's Name? ... Read More

Top Reasons To Perform A Background Check On Your Friends

Well, it is fun to laugh and share Facebook memes about how real friends would spend money to bail you out of jail or sit in the jail cell with you after a wild night. Yet, in reality, nobody really wants to be placed in such a situation by a friend. You don't want to risk losing your job or your home because of doing something stupid and illegal with a friend. Yet your friend may have a wild side that will end up having them go through brushes with the law. They will get into trouble the moment they step outside their front door, and drag you along for the ride. ... Read More

How To Keep Your Children Safe From Predators: A Top 10 List

"Where oh where can my Baby be..." The quote refers to the 1964 song Last Kiss by The Cavaliers. Hopefully, the lyrics won't ever be appropriate for you or your children. Neither do you want the following scenario to play out: You're in the back of the house, doing laundry and your eight-year-old daughter, Caitlyn, is playing quietly in the den, fifty feet away. You don't hear the gentle knock on the front door, but Caitlyn does. Ten minutes later, you walk up front to check on her. Caitlyn is gone, of course. The FBI reports 800,000 children abductions every year. How could you have prevented Caitlyn's kidnap? ... Read More

Five Types To Avoid When You Date Online

Do you find that you keep meeting people online who are complete duds in the dating department? Bad dating experiences can range from meeting those who are simply dull to those who make you uncomfortable to those who are actually dangerous. Here are a few types to weed out early to save yourself some trouble online: The Negging Pro. There's a practice in the so-called "pick-up culture" called negging that involves giving backhand compliments or even mildly insulting someone to put them off-balance. The goal is to make you beg for their approval. However, it's a controlling technique that can be a sign of an abusive personality. ... Read More

What Are The Five Things That You Can't Find Out On A Background Check?

Background checks are becoming incredibly common today, with some companies offering complete background checks at very low fees.If you've had some minor indiscretions in the past, you may be worried about what will show up on your background check. Luckily, there are a few things that you won't have to worry about. Juvenile Records - Anything that you've done in your youth will not be visible on your background check, which is extremely useful to those that had less than traditional upbringings. Indeed, abackground check on anyone under the age of 18 is likely to ... Read More


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