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4 Small Things That Show Up on a Background Check

Running a background check reveals major red flags about a person. Although most people know that background checks can be a great way to get information about criminal records, significant credit problems, or previous residences, a background check reveals much more extensive information. Even relatively small details can provide a lot of information about the person you're running a background check on.

Known Aliases

Aliases don't just pop up on those FBI Most Wanted posters. Anyone booked by the police is asked about aliases, which get entered into the person's file. Plus, since many people get tattoos of their alias name, the police take pictures of all inked areas as part of the booking process. Even an alias that has been out of use for years will pop up on a background check.

Dropped Charges

Perhaps you were involved in a physical altercation a few years back, but the charges were dropped before your trial. Although many people think that dropped charges have simply disappeared, they often show up on a background check. Uncontested charges, arrests, and pleading guilty may be a part of your permanent record.


Sure, shaving five years off your age on your online dating profile may not seem like such a big deal. After all, you can always reveal the truth once things get serious. But if a potential paramour runs a background check, your true age quickly becomes known. Your birth date is public record, so misleading potential employers or landlords about your age can cast doubt on your honesty when the truth shows up on a background check.

Estimated Property Value

Because property sales are considered public record, the selling price and estimated value of your home is part of a background check. But it doesn't stop there. Running a background check also gets you satellite pictures or other images of a person's residence, allowing you to find out where they live and what the property looks like.


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