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Don't Get Taken In By Online Dating Frauds

Online dating is more popular than ever. However, this has also meant a rise in the number of people being taken in by online dating scams. Want to make sure you don't become a victim? Consider these warning signs when deciding whether that dreamy person you met online is all that he or she seems to be:
  • She makes excuses when you want to meet. Have you been chatting for months, but always get brushed off when you want to arrange an in-person meeting? This is a sign that they may be hiding behind fake pictures or worse.
  • He asks you for money. You've been chatting and hitting it off... and then he has a calamity that can only be solved by a small loan. Often, you will be told that this small amount of money is the only thing that stands in the way of the two of you finally being together. Run away. They are exploiting your emotions for cash.
  • She's way out of your league. There's no kind way to say this, but, if you are a balding 40-year-old man, think twice about the 20-year-old Brazilian bikini model who can't get enough of your online company. Many international scammers will use photos of professional models to draw in vulnerable targets. These people are usually later scammed for money or even, in some cases, used as mules to transport illegal substances.
  • He won't talk on the phone or video chat. This is another sign that you are dealing with someone who is not who they seem to be. This most often happens on distance dating sites. There is no one motive; some people make fake profiles out of boredom, loneliness or low self-esteem. However, others create them as part of a long con with the end goal of separating you from your life savings.
Meeting people online can be a wonderful path to a fulfilling relationship. But, always ensure that you keep your eyes open and see your online love for who he or she really is.


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