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Get A Background Check Before Tying The Knot

Whirlwind relationships happen almost on a daily basis to people around the world. You meet someone special during a speed dating session and two weeks later they are asking you to marry them. The spouse-to-be is the person of your dreams. They have money. They have prestige. They have a great personality you just love.

Then a friend suggests you get a background check on the spouse-to-be. You think they are just joking and it is all in good fun, so you agree. What you discover next turns your blood cold.

You find out that your spouse-to-be has quite a criminal past. They had scammed other people out of their life savings in get-rich-quick schemes that landed them in a jail cell for a few years. Every time the person marries someone new, a new scam starts.

You end the engagement immediately, saving yourself and your hard-earned money from a scammer who would have left you destitute. You know realize that performing a background check on a person you plan to marry can spare you of heartbreak.

It can also protect you from people who could hurt you or the people you love. You can find out if your spouse-to-be is a sex offender, has been previously arrested for domestic violence, or has a criminal record for other serious crimes. Never put yourself in the position where you believe you know the person after a few weeks, months or years of dating. They could be hiding a past background that could be devastating to your life.

So the next time a friend suggests that you get a background check on a spouse or spouse-to-be, jump on the opportunity. It is better to be single for a while and find the right person later in life who doesn't have a criminal record versus finding someone who could endanger your life or scam you out of all the money you worked hard to save.


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