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Investigate Your Partner's Relationship History With A Background Check

When seeing someone new, it's smart to do a little sleuthing before getting too involved. After all, anyone can sound nice on an online dating profile but hide an unsavory past. Especially if there are children involved, running a background check on a new partner is a safe and savvy move. Learning negative information through a background check makes it easier to bring things up with your partner while understanding the relevant facts.

Look for Arrest Records and Sexual Assault

Seeking a background check to check for arrest records is an easy way to keep yourself safe. A history of domestic violence, battery, or disorderly conduct may be a sign of anger management problems that could crop up in your relationship. A one-time incident could indicate a sincere mistake, but a repeated history of violent behavior might be a relationship red flag. A background check also lets you know if a person has a history of sexual assault, keeping you and your family safe from sex offenders.

Find Out About Previous Relationships

There's no need to wait until things get serious to dig up information about your new partner's relationship history. Counties keep track of marriage and divorce records, meaning that they enter into the public arena. A background check provides information about a person's previous marriages and divorces. Finding out that the fun new guy you've been seeing has three ex-wives might make you reconsider how great he really is.

Check for Joint Home Ownership

With many people living together without the formality of marriage, long-term relationships don't always show up on a background check. However, checking the person's property ownership record can be a good clue. If she's a co-owner of a house that's on the market or recently sold, it could be an indication of a recent breakup. Property records may include a list of previous residents, giving you a clue about your new partner's past.


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