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Is Your Date Looking For Love Or Your Bank Account?

Many of today's singles are aware of the typical financial dating scams. You are contacted through a dating site, Facebook or even a business site. He or she saw your profile and really wants to chat. The majority of these individuals are in a foreign country or, at least, live several states away.

Some scammers go for the throat quickly while others have learned a few skills in scamming methods. You become chat friends and then the small emergencies start. His car just broke down and he cannot get to work. Her paycheck bounced and her rent is due. The cat, dog or goldfish is sick and needs medication. It starts small, a hundred dollars or so, and then builds. He or she really wants to meet you but will need thousands of dollars for a passport, plane ticket and pet sitter.

Unfortunately, not all financial scammers are those you meet online. They prey on local dating sites, familiar bars and nightclubs or even the produce aisle at the neighborhood grocery store. How do you recognize the signs that you are about to lose your retirement, home and savings in your sock drawer? Here are a few things you can be alert for:

Do you know where your date works and what they do? If she says she is a high-fashion model, check it out. If he is a prominent attorney, you can look him up through the State Bar.

She owns a million dollar home. He owns two Lamborghinis. You can check property tax and motor vehicle records. If someone seems to be going overboard to impress you, it could be a sign of trouble.

If you are out shopping and both of the credit cards your date tries to use are declined, there may be a problem. If you visit their home and notice a large pile of bills on the table, there may be a problem. If you notice mail in a name other than the name your date told you, there is a problem.

Does this person seem to be hiding information? Are they a bit secretive? It takes time to get to know someone, but you can recognize when someone is not willing to divulge information.

You can run a background check or look up financial information online. Check court records for legal actions brought against the individual. Scammers are often charged with embezzlement or fraud. Do not feel guilty about checking out a situation before you get in to deep. If it were your son or daughter, you would not think twice about ensuring your child's safety.


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