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Moving To A New Neighborhood: How Background Checks Can Keep Your Family Safe

When moving to a new neighborhood, keeping your family safe is a top priority. Using online background checks to check up on your neighbors is a smart move. If any sex offenders live in the vicinity, it's essential to have the information to keep your children safe.

Why Do a Background Check on New Neighbors?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it's impossible to know just who lives next door. In reports of child abductions and other crimes, neighbors often report that they just didn't realize what the person next door was doing. To be proactive about your family's safety, doing a background check on your neighbors is a smart choice. It's a simple step that will yield large rewards, giving you peace of mind as your children play outside.

What Information Does a Background Check Provide?

A background check provides a wealth of information accumulated from a person's public record. From property sales to official licenses, background checks yield information that can give you a clue about your neighbors' histories. After conducting a background check, begin by reviewing each person's criminal record. Look for instances of violent behavior, child pornography possession, or domestic violence. Consider the frequency of events and whether they occurred in recent years to give yourself a better picture of the person's life.

Also check whether anyone in your vicinity is on a sex offender list. Because any sexual assault conviction or related sex crime is in the public record, it will show up on a background check. Being knowledgeable about the homes of any sex offenders in your area can help you teach your children to make smart choices about where to play.

What Else Can You Do?

As a parent, a background check is a good starting place when moving into a new neighborhood. However, it's also important to keep open lines of communication with your children in case something happens. Knowing that they can come to a parent for advice is essential for protecting children and preventing wrongdoing. Simply keep your eyes and ears peeled when joining a new neighborhood until you feel comfortable as one of the crowd.


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