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The Dumb Things People Say Can Work To Your Advantage

Many people have a predictable, general habit that, when nervous, they make statements that give away potential secrets. No one normally has access to a polygraph test or psychic readers, but they're not necessary either. In fact, all that a business or person who has to review and make decisions about people needs is a good ear for trigger statements. And some statements absolutely wave red flags for a discrete background check. In fact, people don't even realize half the time when they utter the key phrase; it just comes out of them. Some of the more common statement examples include the following:
  • A trip sounds like a great idea, but I can't leave right now, and I don't want to talk about it.
  • Laws are full of ambiguous gray areas, nothing is definite.
  • I don't work a traditional job right now, but I can pay my bills.
  • You might want to buckle your seat belt. I've got a reputation as a driver.
  • I like changing the way I look. What color do you think I should dye my hair this month?
  • I'm not really interested in a long-term lease. I move around a lot.
  • I don't follow the speed limit signs, do you?
  • I've got some secrets I really don't tell people about.
  • My Wednesday nights are booked and it's confidential. How about a different night?
  • I don't understand the word "no."
  • I don't go near schools.
  • I can't drive a car.
  • You know, it's a good thing minors don't have to worry about their records staying public.
  • You really don't want to know my background.
  • I think people are way too harsh on freed sex offenders. They've already done their time.
  • Yes, I use multiple cell phones. Don't ask.
  • I can give you references but you're not going to call them, are you?
  • Does my face look like someone who would lie to you?
Some of the above are a bit obvious, but it can be pretty amazing what people say when they feel like they are under pressure or nervous. And those clues can give away signals when to discretely apply a background check on a person. For the small amount of time and cost, the homework can prevent a very serious, potential risk down the road.


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