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Using A Background Check To Clear A Person's Name

Feel like your friends are suspicious of your new relationship? Or perhaps your neighbors have been making veiled references to your "dangerous" past. Although background checks are most commonly used to identify criminal behavior and other violations, they can also serve a positive function in your life. Using a background check to clear a person's name is an easy way to ease suspicions from friends or family.

When Can a Background Check Be Used to Clear Someone's Name?

Most often, concern from friends or family prompts the use of background checks. If your dad simply won't let go of his suspicions that your new boyfriend is dangerous, run a background check to clear your guy's name. Or, if your mother-in-law never stops insinuating that you're a threat to her grandchildren, it's time to provide proof of your clear past. Running a background check on yourself or a loved one is a smart way to allay these fears.

What to Look For When Using a Background Check to Clear a Person's Name

The exact purposes of a background check will vary by the situation you're in. Maybe your best friend thinks that your girlfriend is lying about her relationship history. A background check includes her marriage and divorce records, giving you an indication about whether she's been lying about her past.

If a neighbor seems to think you're a threat to neighborhood kids, providing a background check you've run on yourself may be a good first step in clearing your name. Show that you're not on a sex offender registry and that your criminal record is clean. Having a history of property ownership or a professional license (such as a FAA pilot's license or a DEA license) will also show up on your background check. Although this isn't proof positive of good intentions, it provides an indication that you have a stable history.

In some cases, busybodies simply won't listen to your repeated assertions that your partner is a good person. Providing cold, hard proof in the form of a background check is a great move to convert others to your side.


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