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Why Do Women Fall For Bad Guys? Part 1

There are several good reasons why a good girl falls for a bad boy. But the same traits that appear so attractive usually lead to an unhealthy relationship in the long run. Number one on the list of reasons is that he helps her break free of a life she no longer feels satisfied within. What better person to choose as a partner, than a risk taker, a rebel or a dominating alpha male to be the catalyst for a leap from her status quo. The prospect of the thrill can be intoxicating.

Though women grow more cautious as they age a maverick with a swagger is attractive to women of all ages. Almost all leading men in the movies are guys that fit this bill. The bad guy's magnetic appeal can be irresistible. Risk taking is quite exciting, adventurous and, if nothing else, a fresh view on life. These potentialities are quite enticing especially when a woman is feeling stuck or bored in a life that she can no longer stand. It is almost an iconic image, a woman jumping on the back of a rumbling Harley Davidson, wrapping her arms around the waist of a broad shouldered brute and speeding off towards the horizon, her hair blowing in the wind.

There are some women that are built for the bumpy road that follows. The bad girl/bad boy arraignment can be very fulfilling for those that are equally matched in that way. For many though, the unpredictability of a rebellious lifestyle creates a world not conducive to stability and economic security. The alluring nature of the rebel is transformed into liabilities. The bad guy's riskiness, the main element that promoted the jump from her old life, becomes the reason to detest him. The man who feels comfortable with his image generally has no reason to change because he has been rewarded with much attention for his character. His animal magnetism is by no means a new phenomenon, it is as old as the hills. Common sense has little strength against the pull. Taking a couple of deep breaths, are advised, before springing into his saddle.


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