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Why Do Women Fall For Bad Guys? Part 2

Exploring the reason for the magnetic attraction to a bad guy by women is a complex issue. Because throughout history this pull, to run off with an unpredictable and risky man, has been well documented it is important to consider the deeper psychological reasons behind it.

There are many scientists today that believe we store behavioral information in our DNA from past generations going all the way back to the origin of humankind. Following this logic it is natural to assume that the powerful draw for a good girl to hook up with a bad boy could be for a feeling of security.

In caveman days when physical prowess was the absolute necessity for survival a woman, if given the choice, would always select a man who didn't back down to anyone as insurance to successfully raising her offspring. Of all the characteristics of today's bad guy his idea, that he is his own man who bows down to no one, is a major contributor.

It is very likely that a woman's attraction of a bad guy is an imbedded survival instinct that women have carried with them through generations, for thousands of years.

For women that have been raised in violent households or neighborhoods, partnering with a strong rebellious man can be explained as an instinctual survival mechanism kicking in. Especially for a woman that has been a victim of violence it may appear to her that her best choice is the strongest guy without concern for his other unappealing attributes.

Unfortunately a hook up with a bad boy does not free a woman from a violent world. Often times it only increases the threat of it.

It is important for a woman to understand the reasons for a sexual or a loving attraction to a rebellious guy. Realizing that it could be a survival instinct instead of something that is in her best long-term interest could save herself much grief.

Bad boys will never lose their sex appeal but it is better to admire them from a safe distance. Regrettably many women are pre-wired by human history to always melt at the sight of the mighty.


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