Top 25 Reasons To Perform Background Checks On Your Neighbors When They Blame You For Problems

Top 25 Reasons To Perform Background Checks On Your Neighbors When They Blame You For Problems

You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. This saying also holds true with the types of neighbors who move in next door. You can't choose who the next person will be. You merely hope for the best and pray the neighbor acts relatively sane.

Yet sometimes you will have that one neighbor who will blame you for everything. They will blame you if someone's mailbox gets egged or a window is broken. All you want to do is have a normal job and normal friends. You don't want to deal with a neighbor that is constantly making you into the neighborhood scapegoat.

Before you pack up and leave, consider this: sometimes, people blame others to hide their own guilt. It could in fact be the neighbor who is committing these bad acts. They are vandalizing and stealing things from others and blaming you so they can look like angels with the other neighbors while continuing to do their misdeeds.

It's time to take action and keep your honor. Perform a background check on your neighbor to find out whether they have done something that wasn't on the up-and-up. Armed with that knowledge, you can protect yourself and your good name. Here are 25 reasons you should perform background checks on your neighbors.
  1. There are people going into and out of their house at all hours of the day.
  2. They always stay in their house during the day, peeking out the blinds. The only time they come out is late at night, like vampires seeking blood.
  3. Nobody is every allowed into their house. They always have conversations out on the front porch.
  4. They are always looking into neighbors' mailboxes or checking out packages left on doorsteps in the neighborhood.
  5. Strange smells come from their home as if a scientific laboratory is parked outside your house.
  6. They are always trying to get a peek inside your home through the windows.
  7. People are always leaving the neighbor's house carrying televisions, radios and other expensive electronic devices they couldn't possibly afford.
  8. The neighbors like to scratch themselves when kids are outside playing.
  9. Their eyes are bloodshot and they smell like death warmed over as they invite you over to "hang out."
  10. They are always outside, loudly blaming other people for missing items in their home, even though the other day you say them take the item in question out to a family member's car.
  11. You find them always working close to your outdoor shed or garage as they will occasionally check the door to see if it is locked.
  12. They come to your house and want to enter every room as they ask you about the possessions you own.
  13. You find things missing from your medicine cabinet after the neighbor used the bathroom.
  14. Whenever they go out to their car and drive away, a cop car is following close behind.
  15. Your kids tell you that the neighbor paid them $5 each to walk around people's houses and look in cars to see what nice things are inside.
  16. The neighbor is always calling the police on you "claiming" you're doing strange things as the police find nothing wrong.
  17. You can't find their name anywhere online after a Google search as if they don't exist.
  18. They always brag about how much money they make, but can never give you a straight answer on what type of job they have.
  19. They have a high fence around their yard as the sound of dogs fighting and people shouting bets echoes into your home at 3am.
  20. They sit out on their doorstop, making gun-firing gestures at passing cars.
  21. You often find the kids outside, barely clothed, as they are left unattended for hours on end.
  22. They are always acting fake and "gangsta" in their speech as they glorify past misdeeds.
  23. The neighbor is always sweaty or has the shakes.
  24. The neighbor doesn't have any qualms about flashing the gun hidden in their waistband at everyone.
  25. They own a telescope and binoculars, but won't tell you what they use the items for.
Not every neighbor is a criminal. Yet you should keep your family safe if you see the neighbor doing suspicious behavior or has started to blame other neighbors for problems. One background check makes a difference.