You Need To Know The Information Of A Criminal Arrest Record

You Need To Know The Information Of A Criminal Arrest Record

Sixty-five million Americans have a criminal record. One of those people could be your roommate, teacher, coworker, pastor, romantic interest or friend. Don't you want to know if the person you hang out with on the weekend, plan to hire at your company or let your kids spend time with has a troubled past?

It is true that a criminal arrest record from the past doesn't always indicate how a person lives their life today. However, you can use information your find on a criminal arrest record as a tool to determine a person's character and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Who has a Criminal Arrest Record?

One in four people have spent a night in jail. Since anyone is capable of committing crime, you can't always look at outer appearances and determine if someone's trustworthy or law-abiding. And you certainly don't want to hire someone or let your kids play sports under someone who is still disobeying the law, displaying risky behavior or maintaining dangerous habits. That's why you need to get a criminal arrest record for the people in your life. 

What Does a Criminal Arrest Record Report?

Your safety is a top reason for obtaining criminal arrest records. The crimes found most often on U.S. arrest reports include drug abuse violations and drug possession, larceny, theft, driving under the influence and property or violent crime.

In addition to these serious felonies, something as simple as a misdemeanor, identifying mark or tattoo can find its way onto a criminal arrest record. A person's criminal record can also detail court proceedings, probation and traffic tickets. If an act has somehow landed a person in jail or court, it's on his or her record. 

Find information about a person's criminal background when you search arrest records. Arrests are listed on a national database, and each state also stores a list of court dockets and proceeding, including everything from traffic tickets to homicides. You only need a person's name and address to complete a search.

You owe it to yourself and your family, coworkers, neighbors and friends to ensure the people around you are reputable and honest. Take time to find criminal arrest records for the people in your life today.