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How To Keep Your Children Safe From Predators: A Top 10 List

"Where oh where can my Baby be..."The quote refers to the 1964 song Last Kiss by The Cavaliers. Hopefully, the lyrics won't ever be appropriate for you or your children. Neither do you want the following scenario to play out: You're in the back of th... Read more

Have You Ever Wondered What People See When They Do A Background Check On You?

When was the last time you Googled your name? Other people, including potential employers and dates, search for you, so you own it to yourself to see what information is out there. Becoming informed about your online reputation is a smart move but co... Read more

Moving To A New Neighborhood: How Background Checks Can Keep Your Family Safe

When moving to a new neighborhood, keeping your family safe is a top priority. Using online background checks to check up on your neighbors is a smart move. If any sex offenders live in the vicinity, it's essential to have the information to keep you... Read more

Using A Background Check To Clear A Person's Name

Feel like your friends are suspicious of your new relationship? Or perhaps your neighbors have been making veiled references to your "dangerous" past. Although background checks are most commonly used to identify criminal behavior and other violation... Read more

Is Your Partner Cheating? Three Signs That Suggest Just That

If you suspect that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, then you need to take action now. The longer a relationship continues with this distrust between you, the greater it will grow.That said, these three signs will help you to determin... Read more

Avoid Being Another Victim Of Domestic Violence - Use Background Checks Proactively

Domestic violence occurs in every community and every town across America, but the majority of victims in such situations often say the really didn't see the issue develop until they were already in the relationship. Then comes the attempt to deal wi... Read more

Trust Your Loved Ones But Know Who They Are

While criminal background checks can trigger legal requirements in the scope of hiring someone, renting property or selling a home, or for lending, the process can also be used to better understand the folks who are close to a person. There's nothing... Read more

Trust In Your Gut - Are Their Red Flags In Your Relationship?

Should you stay or should you go? You think your partner is the one for you, and you can't stand the thought that things might not work out. But it's important to keep a clear head when it comes to relationships, and not let yourself get lost in some... Read more