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How Do You Know If The Person You Are Dating Is Really Single?

You just met a great guy in the local coffee shop. He suggests getting together next Tuesday after work. Maybe you found the perfect girl from an online social club. She wants to meet you Wednesday for lunch. Your potential date has never been marrie... Read more

Dating A Recovering Addict: Are They Using Again?

When dating a recovering drug addict or alcoholic, we want to offer them as much sympathy, help and support as we can. Trust, on the other hand, can sometimes be in short supply. What you need to remember when dealing with an addict is that you're no... Read more

Why Do Women Fall For Bad Guys? Part 2

Exploring the reason for the magnetic attraction to a bad guy by women is a complex issue. Because throughout history this pull, to run off with an unpredictable and risky man, has been well documented it is important to consider the deeper psycholog... Read more

Why Do Women Fall For Bad Guys? Part 1

There are several good reasons why a good girl falls for a bad boy. But the same traits that appear so attractive usually lead to an unhealthy relationship in the long run. Number one on the list of reasons is that he helps her break free of a life s... Read more

Three Signs You Need To Run A Check On Your New Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

We generally want to give those we care for the benefit of the doubt, but there are instances where we can't really afford to do that. As just one example of why we need to be vigilant: there are a lot of scammers and con-artists out there, and while... Read more

How To Effectively Drug Test Your Loved One

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., at least 80% of the nation's inmates are substance abusers of drugs or alcohol. Close to 50 percent of them are addicts and 60 percent of inmates tested positive for some type... Read more

Considering Craigslist: How Running A Background Check Might Keep You Safe

It's a common scenario: you've upgraded to a new flat screen TV and need to find a way to get rid of your old one. So you simply post a picture to Craigslist, provide your email address, and choose the person who makes the best offer. Soon, you're gi... Read more

Multiple Ways Background Checks Can Help In Everyday Life

There are multiple ways background checks can be useful beyond just screening employees or for criminal checks. Here are some practical examples everyday folks can benefit from: Checking Out New Friends Meeting new contacts and friends happens all ... Read more