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BOP: What is a Supermax Federal Prison?

Your boyfriend was convicted of a federal offense and sent to prison. Now he has called and said they may be sending him to a Supermax facility. These federal prisons are the highest security prisons in the BOP system. Inmates sent to Supermax are... Read more

What Does it Mean to Register as a Felon?

If you are a convicted felon, some states require you to register with law enforcement if you visit or move to their state. The scary part is that there are no signs when you cross the state line letting you know these laws exist. If you happen to be... Read more

Can I Visit My Loved One In Jail If I Am On Probation?

The first step to visiting someone in jail or prison while you are on probation is to discuss it with your probation officer. If you are on felony probation, you were probably told that you are not allowed to associate with any known felons. Obviousl... Read more

What’s On The Menu In Prison?

Hollywood has done an admirable job of portraying prison food as some murky looking slop that contains mystery meat served with a slice of one week old bread. Most of us now believe that what is served in the prisons across the country is wholly ined... Read more

Where Can I find an APP for Inmate, Jail and Prison Search and Information?

Every day app developers are adding thousands of new apps. There are apps that I find I can use in my daily life that I had no idea I even needed. Actually, I don't need most, but boy do they come in handy when I need the information quickly! Our ... Read more