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What Do You Do If You Are Pulled Over By The Police?

There are a few key steps you can take when challenging your case in court after you have been pulled over by the police. But hopefully you will be prepared before you even get pulled over so what steps should you take when that blue flashing light c... Read more

The Evolution of the Death Penalty in the United States

Many years ago, the term ‘eye for an eye’ was coined to deem that you should take whatever consequence comes your way, and that the consequence should match the crime. This led to many deaths carried out across history, until thankfully law intervene... Read more

Why Do Cops Need A Warrant?

Do you know what is an arrest warrant exactly and why in certain cases the police will need it before they arrest someone? An arrest warrant is known as a judge’s order to law enforcement officers to charge someone with a crime, arrest them and bring... Read more

What is a District Attorney?

The District Attorney and his office represents the government, the county and the state or a commonwealth in prosecuting criminal offenses.  They are an elected or appointed official in the different counties and districts of the United States, and ... Read more

5 Facts About Florida's “Stand Your Ground” Law

You've likely heard about Florida's “Stand Your Ground” law in the news ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting.  The law clearly states that a person has the right to use firearms against his or her attacker regardless of whether or not there's anoth... Read more

How Do America’s Drug Courts Work

According to NPC Research, the purpose of drug courts or drug treatment courts is to guide offenders who have been identified as drug-addicted away from incarceration and into a treatment program resulting in a reduction of drug dependence and improv... Read more