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Posting Bail Gets Him Out of Jail, But What About When There Are Holds?

People who are arrested and charged with crimes are usually taken to the county jail. At the jail or very soon afterwards during a bond hearing, a bond is set. If someone pays the bond, the defendant gets out of jail to await his hearing unless one o... Read more

What is a Medical POD?

A medical POD in a county jail is an area where prisoners with medical conditions are incarcerated. In some cases, the inmates have long-term medical conditions. In others it is temporary such as for a severe illness or injury that will be recovered ... Read more

Drugs in Prisons and Jails: Getting High Inside

When your boyfriend went to jail, you believed he would finally get clean and sober, but when you visited him last week, you could have sworn he was high. Your instincts are probably right. Drugs are relatively easy to obtain in prison. Guards ... Read more

I’m on House Arrest. Can I Still Attend Church?

House arrest is the strictest form of community supervision. It means you are expected to be at your place of residence 24 hours a day except for certain allowed exceptions including work. In most cases, if you want to attend church it will be permit... Read more

Are Drug Courts Effective? The National Institute of Justice Says Yes

Most counties in America now offer a drug court program as part of their alternative sentencing efforts. Drug court is typically offered to non-violent offenders who have substance abuse issues and are willing to participate in drug court. The off... Read more

What is a Mental Health Court?

You have Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or severe anxiety, and your mental illness causes you to make poor choices. You may even commit crimes. Some counties in the USA have Mental Health Courts which are designed to help yo... Read more

What is a Special Needs Yard?

Most state prisons and federal facilities have Special Needs Yards, also called Sensitive Need Yards, for inmates who for one reason or another must be kept isolated from the general population. Inmates who are assigned to the Yard typically use an e... Read more

Communicating in Jails and Prisons: How Inmates Get Around the System

Inmates spend a lot of time locked into jail or prison cells. Over the years a standardized systems have evolved so that wherever an inmate is sent to do his time, he will be able to communicate with other inmates. Here are the main methods: Kites... Read more