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What if I’m Going to Jail When I’m Pregnant?

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, the worst-case scenario will be a year or less in jail. Apply any good time credit the jail allows and you could be out in a few months. Not fun, but doable. Except you just found out you're pregnant. The idea ... Read more

What Do I Say When People Ask if They're in Prison?

It was difficult enough to face that fact that your loved one was going to jail or prison but with time you accepted it. It can still be awkward when others ask where he or she is. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Good people make bad choices. And ... Read more

Can I Send a Box of Things to an Inmate?

There are still a few county jails in rural areas that allow inmates to receive packages through the mail system from people on the outside, but the vast majority restrict this activity. If your loved one is in a county jail or state prison, you won'... Read more

What are Consecutive and Concurrent Sentences?

When you are charged with and convicted of more than one crime during the same court process, you are facing more than one sentence, such as if you are convicted of a crime that carries three-to-five years and a second crime that carries one to two y... Read more

Can Inmates Go To Funerals?

When the loved one of an inmate dies there is no guarantee the inmate will be allowed to attend their funeral service, but in some cases it is possible. The decision typically depends as much on the inmate's standing in the judicial system as it does... Read more

What Is A Hold In Jail Or Prison?

If your loved one is in jail or prison and has a hold placed, it means another jurisdiction wants him or her brought there before being released for any reason. Typically, the guards or jail administrators will let an inmate know as soon as a hold co... Read more

What Are Two-For-Ones in County Jails?

Incarceration for your misdemeanor conviction will typically be done in a county jail. Incarceration for a felony conviction will be too, depending on how long you will be locked up. Many county jails are overcrowded, prompting administrators to use ... Read more

Can I Visit My Loved One In Jail If I Am On Probation?

The first step to visiting someone in jail or prison while you are on probation is to discuss it with your probation officer. If you are on felony probation, you were probably told that you are not allowed to associate with any known felons. Obviousl... Read more