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Veterans Who Commit Crimes: Will the VA Stop my Benefits if I Flee or I am Wanted?

Fleeing prosecution is against the law in any case, but even if you simply have a felony warrant and you also receive benefits from the Veterans Administration, you run the risk of having those benefits stopped.  The VA routinely checks for “fugit... Read more

Does a life sentence always last a whole life?

It surprises people to discover that a life sentence does not always mean the offender will spend the rest of his days in a prison. Often times, a life sentence means you will have to serve a lot of time, but at some point, you will be eligible to ap... Read more

Inmate Visitation: They’ve taken my inmate’s visits away. Why would that happen?

It is very hard to get to the prison for a scheduled visit only to be told, they have taken his visits away. You will not be able to see him.  These are some of the reasons this can happen: He got into trouble: They don’t typically stop visits for... Read more

Avoid These Words During a Jail Call

It might feel like your husband’s calls from jail are just between the two of you, but that is not always the case. All calls are recorded. Many facilities then use a computer program to “listen” to the calls and identify those that contain certain w... Read more

Inmate Visitation Rules: Who can an inmate add to their visiting list?

Outside of federal prison, your husband had lots of friends and family members to socialize with, but now that he has become a federal inmate, the government severely limits who he can and cannot have visit him. The rules are pretty strict and knowin... Read more

Marrying an Inmate

In a perfect world, two people love each other, go to the courthouse and become husband and wife. When he is incarcerated, it becomes more complicated. Four steps to getting married to an inmate. Visit in person. It is important to spend time ... Read more

Affordable Care Act and Inmates

With the Affordable Care Act opening the doors of coverage for single, childless men and women, prisons and jails nationwide are racing to sign inmates up for it. Here are five interesting facts about the ACA and inmates. A majority of inmates are... Read more

Prison Pen Pals: How Can I get Friends and family Members to Keep Writing to My Inmate?

Inmates depend on letters. It is one of their most important contacts with the outside world. By making letter writing a fun, interactive activity for friends and family, your inmate will continue to hear his name at mail call. Make a list: Choose... Read more