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Inmate Visitation: If I get to the jail visit late, can I still see my boyfriend?

Things happen: traffic, overtime at work, problems at home, and now you are late to the jail visit to see your inmate. Depending on the mood of the guard and the rules of the jail, the following things might happen: Turned away: if the guard is in... Read more

County Jails: My Boyfriend is in Our County’s Jail and Another County has Charges for him as Well. What will happen?

One of the stresses for an inmate is being locked up and knowing that other counties might come at him with additional charges. This is usually how it happens. First charges: Your boyfriend has been arrested and placed in one county jail and charg... Read more

What can a Local Church do to Help My Family While My Husband is in Jail?

Churches nationwide work with jail and prison populations. If the first church you try doesn’t have a program, call other churches until you find one that does. It is worth the effort. Churches can do many things for inmates and their families. Le... Read more

Parole: Should I Attend my Husband’s Parole Hearing?

With the exception of the trial, your husband’s parole hearing may be the most stressful part of his experience with the Department of Justice and the judicial system. Whether or not you should attend depends on several factors: His wishes: if you... Read more

Incarcerated Parents: How do I Tell the Kids Their Parent is in Jail?

As stressful as it is to have your partner go to jail, you are fortunate in that you know where he is, why he is there and what it means to the family. Children, however, often get their information by overhearing adult conversations and then drawing... Read more

Prison Visit: I’m Scared-What Should I Expect?

With shows like Lockdown broadcasting from prisons in every state, you can get a good idea what your boyfriend’s life is like in prison, but what’s it like for visitors? There are very few accurate television depictions of visiting a prison. This lea... Read more

Inmate Medical: Will the Jail Accommodate My Girlfriend’s Food Allergies?

Food allergies can cause everything from a mild runny nose to anaphylactic shock and death. Once inside jail or prison there’s little an inmate can do to control his or her diet, but if your girlfriend is incarcerated and has food allergies, the foll... Read more

Prison Mail: Can I Send Newspaper Articles About His Charges To Him?

If you live in a small town or he is charged with a large crime, there is a good change that at least a blurb if not an entire article has appeared in the local newspaper. It might also be linked to the local news website.  Some inmates would rather ... Read more