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The Stigma of Prison, from the Gavel to the Grave

I went to Hawaii for vacation last week. That place is everything I dreamed it would be. I loved the blue water and the Aloha spirit that emanated all round me, but something upsetting happened there I wanted to share with you. I have served my time ... Read more

Disclosing a Criminal Past

Yesterday, on Thursday, July 9th at 7:00pm, I participated in a special program with a local radio and television station, WHUR, HUR-Voices, and WHUT-TV. We had a thought provoking conversation about how to combat youth violence. The panel discussion... Read more

Aging Out of Crime

I was pondering whether or not it is true that people age out of crime. Does serving a lengthy prison sentence make people stop committing crimes once they get out? I asked Sean Thompson-El, a 50-year-old Criminal Justice major who is a Graduate s... Read more

Life on Parole

Imagine what it would be like if you had to account to someone regarding every aspect of your life, forever. What if you had to send someone proof of employment once a month? Imagine how it would feel to have someone visit your home monthly to verify... Read more

Abandoning My Children When I Was Incarcerated

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get over the grief and shame of abandoning my children for 18 years when I was incarcerated. When I went away, my son was 10 months old and my daughter was three years old. By the time I was released, they were young... Read more

Prison Families: A Survival Strategy for Incarcerated Women

Last weekend I stayed in a vacation rental in the Poconos with 10 women I had served time with. In total, we served over 140 years in prison. Being with them brought so much joy to my heart. I was so excited I barely slept because I didn’t want to mi... Read more

Love Inside and Outside of Prison

For the past six months I have been in a long distance relationship with the man of my dreams. I only get to see him every three to four weeks. Either I fly to his city, or he flies to mine. Sometimes we drive and meet one another at a halfway point.... Read more

How Supporting Inmates Can Be A Coping Strategy for the Formerly Incarcerated

It is critical to understand your history and then be true to one self in such a way that one’s connection to the suffering of others is an integral part of understanding yourself. Dr. Cornel West This quote from Dr. West made me think about the m... Read more