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Detoxing for Rehab

The first step to the rehabilitation process, when pertaining to narcotics, is detox. Some rehab facilities will have a medical detox center on premises, while others will require that you go to an inpatient center prior to starting your stay in thei... Read more

What Can I Expect When I Visit Someone in Rehab?

Your loved one is in rehab and has invited you to visit. Eagerness, anxiety and curiosity are all rolled into one right now. Will he or she behave differently? What will you talk about? How are you supposed to act? The following tips can help you nav... Read more

What Does Letting Go and Letting God Mean?

Loving a drug addict can be exhausting. Constantly worrying if he or she is getting high, getting into arguments when it happens, and all of the things that go along with it can wear you down. Let's not even talk about the resentment, fear and anger ... Read more

Drugs In The Suburbs And The New Path To Addiction

I am a recovering heroin addict. I have battled my addiction for ten years, and I am the new face of drug addiction. I am part of an epidemic that is in every small town and every suburb in America, and this is how it happened.I came from a nice uppe... Read more

My First 12-Step Meeting

Many addicts find help in 12-step meetings. These meetings can be found in almost every city in America. A lot of them are in churches or in various civic centers after hours. When I completed rehab, I was given a list of every 12-step group in my ar... Read more

How Do You Build Trust After Getting Clean?

Getting off of drugs is a large achievement. It takes courage and determination. I remember the months following my recovery when I had all of the best intentions. With a new chance at life, I couldn’t wait to start rebuilding relationships with all ... Read more

Should I Kick the Addict Out?

When an addict is the child, spouse or parent of someone else, it’s easy to tell that person what to do. Kick him or her out, lock the door and close the drapes. Don't communicate at all until the addict completes rehab. When the decision about an ad... Read more

What is Life Like After Rehab?

When I made the decision to stop using drugs, I had no idea what to expect. I had the detoxification part finished and I was getting out of rehab, but I didn’t have any idea what normal people did on a day-to-day basis. What did everybody do with the... Read more