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What’s It Like to Sign Someone Into Rehab?

The day my son agreed to go to rehab it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. He was finally going to get the help he needed. To be honest, after the chaos and drama his addiction had brought to our lives, tucking him safely into... Read more

Opiate Addicts in Recovery: What If They’re Given Pain Medications During Medical Emergencies?

When an alcoholic quits drinking he never has to taste liquor again. A recovering cocaine addict can escape that substance for life by choosing to avoid it. But as an ex-opiate user, your situation can be trickier. There may be times during your reco... Read more

Lessons My Teenage Addict Taught Me

I first became aware of my son's drug use when he was a teenager and I went through all the normal emotions of shock, fear, anger and confusion. He wasn't exposed to alcohol or drugs growing up. I don't drink or do drugs. On weekends we went to all t... Read more

How Can You Get Arrested for DUI Without Drinking, Drugging or Driving? Believe it or Not, You and Everyone Else are at Risk for This Happening

You are probably aware that Driving Under the Influence doesn't just apply to drinking but also using drugs, so if you smoke weed or snort cocaine before getting behind the wheel and the cops pull you over, you run the risk of going to jail for a DUI... Read more

My Boyfriend’s a Recovering Drug Addict. Should I Dump Him?

He “gets” you. Nobody has ever gotten you before. He is smart, hot, funny and compassionate. You cannot imagine a future without him, but he recently told you he is a recovering addict. The knot in the pit of your stomach is growing by the day. You k... Read more

Drug Search: The Cops Want to Search My House For Drugs and My Kid is an Addict - What Should I Do?

I was a few blocks from the house when my son called. “Mom, you need to get home quick! My probation officer is here and they want to search my room. Please get here.”As I raced home my mind was going in a thousand different directions but by the tim... Read more

What Happens When 12-Step Rehab Meetings Aren't Enough?

In the beginning, you were thrilled that your loved one started attending 12-step meetings to get a handle on his or her drug issues. And at first, it felt like things were finally turning around, but lately you are seeing the signs of relapse. Wheth... Read more

Three Days: Withdrawing from Opiates

Some of the most difficult and most common drugs to withdraw from are opiates. The withdrawal is a short but incredibly uncomfortable experience, but if you are determined enough, you can undertake your withdrawal at home. The physical withdrawal ... Read more