How Important Is My Online Profile?

How Important Is My Online Profile?

Managing your online profile is something many people didn’t really think about until fairly recently. Before the advent of online social media relationships, most job seekers didn’t have to worry about employers asking the question, “Who am I hiring to my company?” Unfortunately, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, etc, all of the shenanigans you got into before graduation from high school, whether it was drama resulting from romantic relationships or excessive partying, are now accessible for recruiters looking to fill jobs.

There are now a number of tools that allow companies to do cursory background checks on potential employees. This means that any DUI jail time or other arrest records will appear to potential employers, negatively affecting your ability to land the job you're looking for.

If you are trying to get your life back on track, you might be reading this asking yourself, “how I am going to fix my future with everything I’ve done in my past?” Although it takes time to repair your online profile, there are things you can do to make it happen fairly quickly.

A simple Google search can give you an idea of the first impression you’ll give people who search for you. Searching yourself will typically show images and social media results. If you don’t already use social media, you should create profiles for yourself that show a professional, adult lifestyle. Even if you don’t use social media very often, it helps to have a controlled public image for employers searching your name on Google.

Paying a reputation management company to help get rid of the negative aspects of your online profile can pay for itself many times over if it ultimately leads to getting a good job. Many services will offer a "get started now" incentive that typically includes a free analysis and no cost evaluation. Start getting your life back on track today!