Illegal Drugs Testing: 4 Mistakes That Can Ruin Drug Test Results

Illegal Drugs Testing: 4 Mistakes That Can Ruin Drug Test Results

All signs point to him getting high again, but you want him to take a drug test to be sure. 

Over the counter drug tests are extremely accurate as long as they are not cheated. To get the most accurate results possible, avoid the following mistakes.

In Drug Court, What Happens if I Break the Rules?

Don't give him notice. Test him first thing in the morning or the minute he walks in at night.

No advance warning prevents preparation to cheat.

Don't buy the wrong test. While tests that only check for one drug are less expensive, they really narrow the window of accuracy.               

Spend the money for the test that checks for as many drugs as possible. 

Don't let him in the restroom before the test. Many addicts hide pre-mixed solutions in the restroom that will fool the test. 

Escort him there and make him leave drinks, coffee cups etc outside. 

Don't let him wear many clothes. Make him pull all pant pockets inside out for you. 

Shirt, socks and shoes off before entering the restroom to take the test. 

Hiding Drugs

Don't forget to send it in. No matter what the addict says, if he fails the test, send it in for analysis. 

The test provides a free analysis and a shipping carton so you can be absolutely sure about what drugs were taken 

Addiction, the disease that lies

Final thoughts: Taking these precautions will significantly increase the chances of an accurate result.