Q&A With Justin, A Meth Addict

Q&A With Justin, A Meth Addict

How did you get started using Methamphetamines?

I was smoking a lot of Weed with my friends and then one day one of their older sisters came in the room and asked if we wanted to try Meth. I figured I had been smoking Weed for months without any problems. Meth couldn't be that much worse. So we did it. I was addicted within three days. 

Did you steal to pay for it?  Yes. Any Meth addict who says he doesn't steal is lying, or he hasn't used Meth for long. I stole cash from my mom. One time I got her debit card and guessed wrong a few times at her pin number and the machine took the card. I lied and told her I needed something for work and hadn't wanted to bother her so I took the card from her wallet. She believed me and handed me the new card to use. Obviously, I bought Meth with the money.  I also stole from stores until I got caught and charged with theft. After that I started pawning things from the houses of family members. 

What did your family do?

At first it was easy to convince them they were imagining things, but when I started losing weight they figured it out. My parents and girlfriend did the tough love thing and said if I didn't go to rehab I could not live with any of them. So I stayed at a friend's house. We got high several times a day. By then I had been fired from work and couldn't help with the rent. He kicked me out after a couple of weeks. When I called my girlfriend she gave me two choices: rehab or break up. I went to rehab. 

Did it work?  

Yes. I know people who had to go to rehab multiple times before it took. I guess I was lucky. I went for three months, came home and have been clean and sober since then.  It has been two years and I am stronger than ever in my sobriety. 

Do you go to meetings? 

Between work and my girlfriend needing help with our newborn, I don't have a lot of time left. I attend 2 to 3 meetings a week. It's been two years, but when I first got out of rehab I went to 14 meetings a week. No lie. I went morning and night every day of the week. Without those meetings to keep me busy, I have no doubt I would have relapsed. I am a lot stronger now than I was then. 

What would you tell those thinking about using meth? 

Don't do it.  Your teeth will rot, your weight will drop, and you will only end up in jail, in rehab or in a casket. 

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