Top 10 Reasons for Substance Abuse

Top 10 Reasons for Substance Abuse

Although there is no one reason that causes each and every drug and alcohol addiction, the experts agree there are many common reasons that are more prevalent than others. The 10 most commonly noted reasons that lead to addictions are as follows: 

  • It begins with depression:
In some cases, individuals who are suffering from depression or other mental illnesses will begin to abuse substances as a means of escaping their life or coping with their problems. 

  • It is often a learned habit:
When individuals grow up around family members or friends who have addictions, they can easily develop their own substance habit. Moreover, as noted by US News, there is medical evidence that suggests that the propensity to abuse substances is genetic, meaning an individual's parents' substance problem can be passed on genetically to their child leading to their own abuse habit. 

  • Many times, it begins innocently:
Some addictions begin by an abuse of prescription drugs. For example, many individual start taking pain killers after a surgery and then become addicted to them, leading them to continue taking them after they no longer actually need the medication. 

  • Abuse begins with peer pressure:
Individuals sometimes start abusing substances after first experiencing them due to peer pressure. This scenario is most often seen with younger people such as teenagers in high school but even older adults are substantial to peer pressure just slightly different types of peer pressure. 

  • Individuals being a habit to escape memories:
Because substance abuse can give a brief respite from the demons of their past, many individuals seek various substances to escape unpleasant memories. 

  • Some individuals become addicted because of boredom:
Believe it or not, some individuals begin abusing drugs or alcohol simply because they are bored. 

  • Media influences is the start of some addictions:
The media influences many aspects of life in today's culture, and influencing individuals in the area of substance abuse is no different. Rap artists who glamorize drug habits or dealing drugs and commercials that make drinking seem fun and cool leads to many individuals trying these substances as a means of being with it or hip. 

  • A celebration or party sometimes leads to addiction:
A drinking habit is sometimes started through a celebration. Holidays and special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings often involve drinking thus leading many to begin an abusive habit with the substance after trying it at a party. 

  • Curiosity kills the cat and leads to the abuse of substances:
Some individuals end up abusing substances simply because they were curious about them at some point in their lives. 

  • Addiction is often the reason individuals cannot stop abusing substances:
As mentioned before about parental influences, some individuals are more psychologically apt to develop an addiction when trying substances. Of course, others simply develop an addiction over time. However, the addiction leads to abuse of substances.