What are the Signs of Meth Use?

What are the Signs of Meth Use?

Your boyfriend has begun acting really different, and at times belligerent, but you aren't sure why. He had a problem with Meth before he met you according to a family member. What should you be looking for in case he's using again?

Behavioral Signals:  People on Meth are typically extra alert. They have an unusual amount of physical energy and can also become aggressive. Body twitches are very common. It will almost appear that the person is doing a strange, jerky type of dance. 

Physical problems: When people use Meth, they have an increased risk of seizures. Their heart rate increases and their body temperature is often elevated, sometimes to dangerously high degrees. The Meth can cause them to itch, and they will scratch themselves raw. As the addiction progresses, the itching becomes intense enough for them to pick scabs all over their arms, legs and face. 

Other signs: Meth users are able to stay awake for days. This eventually causes them to have hallucinations. Extreme weight loss is not uncommon due to their loss of appetite, and there may be a noticeable impairment of speech; but this impairment does not stop the meth addict from talking. In fact, the talking will be almost constant and at a very rapid pace. Typically, they will talk at people not with them in normal conversations.

Final thoughts. Don't hesitate to seek help if at any time you feel in danger because of his behaviors. While encouraging treatment, remember that if he isn't ready, you might have to remove yourself from his immediate life until he goes for help. 

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