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How Online Reviews Can Destroy A Company's Reputation

When business owners see a negative review written about their company they tend to brush it off. After all, everyone is entitled to their opinion and what impact can a negative review really have on a business? The answer to that is a lot. Negative reviews can destroy a company's reputation beyond repair. Current clients will stop calling and potential customers will choose a competitor over the negatively reviewed company. ... Read More

Steps To Take To Improve Your Company's Brand Online

All it takes is one angry or extremely unsatisfied customer to instantly start seeing negative reviews and comments popping up all over the Internet about your business. Negative Facebook comments and statuses, Twitter tweets, and reviews on review websites can all quickly damage a company's brand and image. If, as a business owner, you have found your company facing numerous negative posts and comments, do not sit back and let your business's brand be impacted. ... Read More

Five Ways To Keep People From Seeing A Critical Yelp Post

Yelp is one of those great tools that let you see what "real" people think about a particular business. Unfortunately, "real" people sometimes have bad days, which can lead to overly critical reviews from customers, to staff having a bad day, which also leads to bad reviews online. Though Yelp does its best to moderate comments and weed out the artificially glowing or deliberately cruel ones, the online service permits "fair commentary" – it's OK to... Read More

Can I Remove Negative News About Me or My Company?

Forget innocence, forget trumped up charges, forget your pardon from the governor. If you're a business owner, a voice in your industry, a visible figure in your field, then you know that all people see when they look at an arrest is the arrest, the criminal element. No matter the circumstance, all they see is somebody who can't seem to play by the rules. It's not fair, but business and public image aren't affected by fairness, they're affected by search engines, by bad reviews. ... Read More

Planning for the Future of Your Business with Business Reputation Management

Just 10 years ago, a business's reputation could be closely monitored and controlled with the help of a public relations expert. Sitting comfortably behind his or her own desk, this individual controlled what was said about a particular company in print magazines, newspapers, and on the radio or TV – then the Internet took off. The Internet has dramatically changed how business owners approach business reputation management. Giving customers the freedom to post... Read More


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