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Schedule of Bail for Defendants charged with a Felony in Alpine County California

In California each county is required to post a public list of preset bail amounts for each felony or misdemeanor crime, and even for infractions like traffic violations and doing things without a valid government issued license.

A felony in California is defined as a crime that is punishable by at least twelve months in a state prison. However, for less serious felonies, especially if an offender's conviction is their first offense it is possible to get nothing more than probation and a fine.

The Alpine County Felony Bail Schedule are the county's preset bail amounts, but these amounts can be enhanced (increased) for a variety of reasons:

  • the defendants prior record,
  • the potential for the offender to cause further harm to the victim if released,
  • the nature of the crime – especially if violent,
  • weapons used,
  • the amount of drugs involved,
  • the judge and DA's belief that the offender may be a flight risk.

Felonies in California are divided into the following five categories:

  • White Collar Crimes
  • Drug Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Serious Felonies

In general, the bail amounts get higher and thus a defendant has a harder time getting the resources in order to get released prior to trial, for crimes that involve sex, violence and capital offenses like murder.

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