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LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South Inmate Search

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The LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South in Castaic, Los Angeles County, California, like all jails is a maximum security facility. Because the inmates in this jail range from low level offenders to those being held for violent crimes like robbery, rape and murder, the security level is as high as is it is in any maximum security state prison. Some of the security features in this facility include security cameras, electronic detection and reinforced fencing topped with razor wire. Correctional officers in LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South are armed with mace and trained to use physical force to protect themselves and other inmates from violence.

The men, women and juveniles being held in the LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South are either awaiting trial or have been sentenced in the Los Angeles County Court System already and been sentenced to a period of time of one year or less. When an inmate is sentenced to a year or more, they are admitted into the California Prison or Federal Prison System. Inmates in the LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South are fed three meals a day totaling 2,500 calories, are allowed access to phones to contact friends and family members, are allowed at least one hour a day for exercise, have access to books, bathroom and shower facilities. The inmates are allowed mail to be delivered to them as well as newspapers and magazine from trusted outside publishers.

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On this page you will find direct links to specific information that friends and family members of inmates will find useful: Los Angeles County Inmate Search, Inmate Phone use, Visitation Rules and Schedules, Commissary Deposits and Information about the LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South Inmate Mail Guidelines. In addition, you will find information on how to contact the facility, directions to the jail, Los Angeles County recent arrests, Most Wanted, outstanding Arrest Warrants and much more.

LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South Inmate Search

Los Angeles County Jail

Fire Training Facility

California Los Angeles 1400
29330 The Old Road
Castaic, CA 91384
Pitchess Detention Center South
Inmate Name, Booking Number
PO BOX 86164 - Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164
District Attorney: 213-974-1484

Visiting is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, and the following holidays: New Year's Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM only. 

Each inmate is allowed one hour of visit per week... all at once or two (2) one-half hour visits.

Visitors to the Los Angeles County Jail must register online or in person prior to scheduling a visit. Go here to register online.


On the left column of PC's you will find the relevant Los Angeles County Jail and Pitchess Detention Center South information about recent arrests, inmates in the jail, your visitations, mail, phone, commissary and more. 

On mobile, just tap on the category you need help with below. The information you need is displayed in alphabetical order. 


Updated daily... lists of all of LA County Most Wanted, the court system, public defenders and case records. Almost all our blog posts are written by former inmates. Let us know below what other information you would like to see.


Pitchess Detention Center South is also home to the LA County Jail Fire Training Facility.

Inmates in the South Facility's Fire Camp Training Facility have been convicted of non-serious, nonviolent, and nonsexual offenses (mostly victimless drug-related crimes as well as theft and fraud) and take part in firefighter training under the supervision of local law enforcement. 

The program is the result of California Assembly Bill 109, the state's "realignment plan". Inmates participating in this program are distinguished by their orange jumpers. At the completion of the 80-hour program, the facility hosts a formal graduation ceremony.


Visiting an Inmate in the LA County Jail - Pitchess Detention Center - South in California

Visitation time is always an enjoyable time for both inmates and families. Pitchess Detention Center South is able to help keep it that way by enforcing specific rules and regulations. All guidelines are specifically designed to increase the safety and security for the 1400 inmates housed at Pitchess Detention Center South, the staff caring for them during the time of incarceration, and for all visitors that come onto the premises.

The Los Angeles County jail system is always trying to stay ahead and improve the experience for the inmates housed within their system to the best of their abilities. Keep in mind this is an incarceration experience therefore not all the amenities of normal life should be expected. However, at Pitchess Detention Center South they do try to help this be as an enjoyable experience as possible. By participating in the new online visitation scheduling system designed for LA County jail systems, Pitchess Detention Center South is able to improve the flow through and visitation process. This speeds up your actual wait time, helps prevent unnecessarily canceled visits, and improves the overall visitation experience.

This is a recently implemented technological experience and therefore may have unknown kinks still in the system. It’s important to be patient if you do happen to run into any issues. There is assistance available and they will be happy to help you through any problems you may encounter.

Now let’s get started on covering the specifics of visitation at Pitchess Detention Center South.

Visitation Times

Visitation is allowed every weekend on Saturday and Sunday and also on special holidays. Special holidays include the following:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Visitation Time Rules

  • Hours for visitation registration are from 8 AM to 2 PM on visiting days.
  • There is a maximum visit time of one hour per weekend.
  • Each visit is maximum 30 minutes.
  • Holidays falling on weekends are considered regular visitation days.
  • Holidays falling during the week gives an additional visitation day.

You should come to the Dr. Elmer T. Jaffe visiting center at 29300 The Old Road, Castaic, CA 91384 for visitation. If you need to reach the visiting center for any reason they can be contacted at (661) 295 – 8074. Be sure to bring your printed visitation pass with you when you come. Walk-in visits are still allowed but following the online visitation scheduling system process is much easier for all involved.

How to use the Inmate Visitation Scheduling System for Pitchess Detention Center South

As a member of the LA County Jail system, Pitchess Detention Center South is able to participate in the online visitation scheduling system. PDC South was able to become a member of this network at the end of 2012. The online scheduling system allows you to go onto the computer and schedule your time to visit with your inmate. The system will only allow you to schedule during visitation hours and if the inmate is available. It’s actually a pretty simple process and helps to avoid some of the long waits that can occur due to the walk-in lines.

Your first steps will be to go onto the visitation main page and register. You can do this via a home, library, or any computer or via a kiosk in one of the participating visiting centers. Once you are on the home page for the online scheduling system you will be asked to provide and confirm your email address. They ask you to enter it twice to help assure there are no typing errors. Once you submit your email address, you will have to then go into your email and confirm/validate your email by clicking on the link provided in your email.

You will then use the provided password to enter into the online visitation scheduling system and you can begin scheduling your visit with your inmate. If you happen to run into any problems or have any questions you can call the help desk from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Cancelling Appointments

The Pitchess Detention Center South may at times have to cancel a visit that you have scheduled online. If this is necessary, you will be notified in advance. The following are possible reasons this may occur:

  • Inmate was relocated
  • Inmate was released
  • Visitation stations have become unavailable
  • Visitation schedules have changed either permanently or temporarily
  • Inmate has been placed on restrictions

If you are unable to attend an appointment you have scheduled, please be sure to cancel the appointment so it will not be counted against the inmate’s weekly quota.

Visitation at Pitchess Detention Center South  

Below we have included the basic rules and regulations for visitation at Pitchess Detention Center South. These are put in place for everyone’s safety and security. The staff of Pitchess Detention Center South want to keep the inmates, visitors, and staff completely safe during visitation times and normal operations procedures. That is why the rules and guidelines are necessary. Please help to keep the Pitchess Detention Center South team and all visitors and inmates safe by complying with all of the following.

Visitation Rules

The following is a list of items that should not be brought onto the Pitchess Detention Center South campus or into the visitation area.

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons
  • Illegal substances

The following are items that should not be brought into visitation areas.

  • Any tobacco product

Visitor Behavior Rules

  • All visitors should behave calmly and quietly.
  • Loud talking and laughing etc. should be controlled.
  • Children should be kept as quiet as possible and with an adult at all times.
  • Inmates in children should be respectful of jail property and staff.

Dress Code

  • Clothing should be plain and simple.
  • No revealing clothing should be one.
  • No sexually enticing clothing should be worn.
  • Clothing with gang-related symbols, emblems, words should not be worn.
  • Shoes are required at all times.

Search and Seizure Rules

  • Vehicles on Pitchess Detention Center South property may be searched at any time deemed necessary.
  • If indicated, visitors may be searched or asked to submit to an additional screening process.

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writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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How to use the Inmate Search for LA County Jail - Pitchess Detention Center - South in California

If this is your first time dealing with incarceration, you may be stumped at what your first step should be. To begin with you must be sure of where your inmate is incarcerated at. Being sure you are finding out information on the correct facility will save you time and effort in the long run. We know it can be a trying time and even frightening when you’re trying to figure out how to manipulate the jail system. When dealing with an enormous jail system such as LA County, it can be an even more complex experience.
We are here to help you understand and to minimize your discomfort while working your way through the LA County jail system specifically for Pitchess Detention Center South.

[Article_Ad_2]A facility the size of Pitchess Detention Center South can be quite difficult to maneuver and learn to understand. If you’ve never dealt with incarceration situation before, you may become easily overwhelmed when trying to locate an inmate in a facility the size of Pitchess Detention Center South. With capacity for 1400 in just one facility (Pitchess Detention Center South), the Los Angeles County jail system can be overwhelming to manipulate through. Let’s get started making this a simple process for you to understand.
By clicking here you will go to our front page for Pitchess Detention Center South. There’s much information available here that can assist you why your inmate is incarcerated at this facility to begin with take a look up at the top left-hand corner of the page. There you will see a column heading for Inmate Search. There are several links included underneath this category heading that will take you to different search modes when looking for your inmate. You should see the following links:

  • Los Angeles County Jail Inmate List
  • Los Angeles County Jail Inmate Search
  • County Inmates – mobile
  • Recent Arrests – Los Angeles County
  • Arrest Warrants – Los Angeles County
  • VINELINK - Inmate Search

We will explain these links starting at the bottom. VINELINK is a national victim’s support database where crime victims can obtain support numbers and information regarding their offender. The next link up is Arrest Warrants for Los Angeles County. When clicking this link you will be taken to an information page where you can link off to obtain much more in depth information.

The top four links are actually the searchable database for locating and inmate within Los Angeles County. This includes Pitchess Detention Center South. So this is how it works.

Whichever of these areas you are interested in searching, click on the specific link and you’ll be taken to an information entry database page. There you will see for blank fields where you can enter last name, first name, middle name, and/or date of birth. The first and last name are required fields while the middle name and date of birth are optional. The benefit to including more information is that it will shorten the list you have to search through. Once you finish simply click the submit button and will be taken to a validation page where you must enter a computerized code. After you successfully enter the computerized code you will be taken to a finished list that matches the criteria you have entered. If the list is too long and you didn’t enter all for search fields, you might want to retry to see if you can shorten your list.

If the inmate are searching for is not in the result list, there are several reasons that could be responsible for this.

  • Your inmate is not incarcerated in the Los Angeles County system.
  • Your inmate has been booked and/or processed within the last two hours and other information is not yet available.
  • Your inmate has been released.
  • You accidentally have the data incorrectly.

Try again to re-enter information into the searchable database and if you continue to be unsuccessful and believe this is where your inmate should be found you can call the facility for information.

Now that we’ve gotten through the process of finding your inmate will addressed how to post bond for someone incarcerated at Pitchess Detention Center South – LA County Jail.

Pitchess Detention Center South – Posting Bond

Depending on what your inmate is incarcerated for they may be eligible for bail. Different crimes and levels are assigned different predetermined bail amounts. You can contact jail information at 213-473-6100 to inquire on specifics for your inmate if you have not yet been informed of their bail amount. Once you’ve discovered whether your inmate is eligible for bail and if so, how much their bail is, you can proceed with the posting bond process.

Simply go to the U. S. Post Office or your local bank and give them the amount of the bail in cash in exchange for a cashier’s check. This cashier’s check must be made payable to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. You will then take the completed and filled out check to the cashier’s window at the Inmate Reception Center located at 450 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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Communicating with an Inmate Housed at the LA County Jail - Pitchess Detention Center - South in California

While it may be difficult at times, keeping in contact with someone who is incarcerated is very important for both you and them. Incarceration is definitely a stressful time for both the inmate and the family and keeping in contact with one another can be the final link in keeping you together. Pitchess Detention Center South – LA County Jail system beliefs in contact between family, friends, and the inmates. It’s a learned and practiced principle to encourage and facilitate methods of contact that are possible.

At this time, Pitchess Detention Center South has two methods of contact available for the inmates. Those are visitation privileges and through the mail. Mail must be brought in via the United States Postal Service. Visitation has many special considerations and we will therefore cover it in a separate section so we can be sure to cover thoroughly for you.

It’s important to keep in consideration that incarceration is a time of strict rules and regulations. This is true in regards to mail coming in and out of the facility. Besides the United States postal regulations there are specific mail rules and regulations for inmates at Pitchess Detention Center South. We will cover many of these below in an effort to help make this easier for you. Please do remember though the rules and regulations can and often do change in response to occurrences, laws, improved technologies, etc. You should therefore always keep abreast of changes that are occurring from within the facility whether related to mail, visitation, or other rules and regulations.

Letters and parcels can be mailed to this address:

Pitchess Detention Center South
Inmate Name & Booking Number
PO Box 86164
Terminal Annex
Los Angeles, CA 90086-0164

It is very important to make sure that your address is complete in order to assure it is delivered to the inmate. Mail that is missing important criteria is at risk of being returned to sender and/or disposed of. To assure your mail is delivered quickly and without incident here is a good and simple hint that is sure to make letter writing and delivery less complex. Always use plain white envelopes absent of any writing, perfumes, and any extraneous marks other than the address and return address. Just simply write your letter on plain white paper, address the envelope fully and completely, and then stick it in the envelope seal it, stamp it, and send it. Just don’t add any additional declaration, labels, stamps, etc.

Inmate mail for Pitchess Detention Center South

Mail is delivered daily within Pitchess Detention Center South. This is the time of the day that many inmates put forward to. It can also be a time when many inmates are sad and/or become angry. Incarcerated individuals very much enjoy receiving mail from the outside. This is one of the things that helps them to maintain during their time of incarceration. Pitchess Detention Center South is a 1400 bed facility and therefore the mail process can be quite complex. That’s why it’s very important to follow all the rules and regulations so that your inmate receives your mail in a timely manner.

The rules and regulations are critical in order to assure the safety of your inmate, all the inmates housed within the facility, all of the staff caring for those inmates, and you when you come to visit. Pitchess Detention Center South wants to be able to assure protection and safety for all so please assist by following the rules and regulations with all mail correspondence.

There are some items that can be sent to the inmate but have particular restrictions. We will list those first with some explanations and then proceed to list of items that are not allowed to be mailed in for any reason.

Allowable items with restricting criteria:

  • money orders
    • a single money order cannot exceed $200
    • money orders should be made payable to the inmate
    • no blank money orders
    • out-of-state money orders must come from the U. S. Post Office
  • greeting cards
    • must be 6 x 9” or smaller
    • no plastic or plastic covered
    • no musical
    • no blank cards
  • books/periodicals
    • must mail direct from publisher or bookstore
    • maximum of three magazines per week
    • maximum of three books per week
    • may not contain sexually explicit material
    • may not contain gang-related material
  • photographs or pictures generated off of the computer
    • only 5 can be in possession at one time
    • size must be between 2” x 3” and 4” x 6”
    • pictures may not contain nudity or suggestive material
    • pictures may not contain anything related to the gang
      • pictures of gangs
      • gang tattoos
      • gain the signs, symbols, hand gestures

Do Not Mail List – these items may not be mail then to an inmate

The following list of items may not be mailed in two the Pitchess Detention Center South facility. Many of these items such as personal use items are easily obtained on campus.

  • Identification cards, copies or faxes of them
  • Cash or any type of check
  • Mailing supplies including: blank envelopes, envelopes that have metal clasps, postage stamps, personalized stationery with writing or gang symbols or artwork
  • Office supplies including: labels, glue, stickers, pens, pencils, paper clips, etc.
  • Jewelry including: string jewelry/bracelets, rosary beads, any necklaces, etc.
  • Balloons of any type
  • No tape or letters designed to be stuck on
  • no food may be mailed in
  • no types of cosmetic items can be mailed to

If you’d like to mail anything else to the inmate, be sure to check with the facility to have any additional questions answered. Rules and regulations can change across time so be sure to always keep abreast of changes.

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RELATED: LA COUNTY JAIL - Pitchess Detention Center South Inmate Services

writes about inmates, jails, prisons, courts and the lives of people who live and work within the United States Criminal Justice System. His mission can be summed up in a single word; transparency.

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