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You can find out lots of information about an inmate by using your phone by calling 831-755-3700:

  1. If the inmate is currently in custody
  2. The inmate’s housing location
  3. The inmate’s booking number
  4. The days and times the inmate can receive visits
  5. How to fund the inmate’s commissary account
  6. How to prepay so the inmate can phone you


Here’s how the automated system works:

  1. Call 831-755-3700.
  2. If you speak English, when prompted, press 4.
  3. You will then be prompted to speak the inmate’s first and last name. (speak slowly and clearly, carefully sounding out the inmate’s name)
  4. The automated voice will repeat the name you spoke by telling you the closest match to the name you gave them.
  5. If the name you gave them is the name of the inmate you are seeking information about, say ‘YES’. If not, say ‘NO’ and try again.
  6. Once you are given the name of the offender in custody you are looking for, you will be given several more options:


  1. You can press a button to get their booking number.
  2. You can learn their Housing location so you can find the time to visit them.
  3. You can press a button to then get their visitation schedule.
  4. You can press a button to learn how to send them money.
  5. You can press a button to learn how to receive phone calls from them.

About the Monterey County Jail

In the Monterey County Jail (which includes both the Main Jail and the Rehabilitation Facility) approximately 1100 inmates (both male and female) are housed in 31 separate housing units that range from single cells to open dormitory settings.

Sentenced inmates reside in open dormitories and provide manpower for work crews for the facility. Work crews inside the facility are used for things such as kitchen work, cleaning, and general maintenance.

Work crews are also sent outside the facility for basic grounds keeping around the Sheriff’s Office and for litter pick-up along highways and roads throughout Monterey County.

Inmates that are not yet sentenced and are awaiting trial are held in a secured housing unit and do not participate in work crews. Sentenced inmates have access to a variety of programs that include educational and vocational classes, religious services, library services, and drug and alcohol programs.

Monterey County Jail encourages people to volunteer to work with the incarcerated individuals with the jail. They make use of over 250 volunteers to work directly and indirectly with the inmates.

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The other jail facility in Monterey County, California is: Monterey County Jail. In addition, Monterey County houses the following juvenile facilities: Monterey County Juvenile Hall, Monterey County Youth Center.

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