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Roseville City Jail Inmate Phone Use

1051 Junction Blvd.
Sacramento County
The information below provides complete instructions regarding Roseville City Jail inmate phone use, how the jail phone system works, purchasing phone time online (where available), purchasing phone time over the phone online (where available), purchasing phone credits through commissary (where available) and setting up an account to reduce your cost of inmate phone calls from the Sacramento County Jail in Roseville, California.

When available, the information below will explain how to communicate with your inmate using the jail's secure email message system.

Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate has access to the jail phones and your communication costs are reduced as much as possible.

Can I Phone An Inmate At The Roseville City Jail?

No. Neither this jail nor any other jail allows you to directly phone an inmate.

Can I Leave A Message For An Inmate At Roseville City Jail?

Messages may not be left for inmates. However, if there is an emergency you can call the jail and speak to the supervisor. Because most detainees are transported to county jail or released in a very short time, emergency messages to call home can usually be given to the inmate.

You might be required to provide evidence of the emergency.

How Does An Inmate Make A Phone Call From Roseville City Jail?

During the booking process, most detainees in this jail are permitted to make free local calls to let friends or family know of the arrest.

Once they are processed and taken to cells to await transport, bail or release, they can make traditional collect calls to anyone able and willing to accept and pay for the call.

Can An Inmate Use A Cell Phone While In Roseville City Jail?

No. Inmates are not allowed cell phones in Roseville City Jail, although getting access to a cell phone in jail has become more common.

It is a misdemeanor crime for an inmate in California to possess a cell phone. Punishment can be up to six months in jail, in addition to whatever time the inmate receives for the crime that brought him to jail and up to a $5,000 fine.

Can I Communicate By Email With An Inmate?

This jail does not have email available for inmates.

Important Tips About Jail Phone Calls

Inmates at this jail are only there for a limited time. When that first call comes, it is important to get vital information such as what he or she is charged with and what the bail amount will be.

Detainees being processed in jail are typically very stressed about what is happening. While your first instinct may be to lecture, nag or argue with him/her about what has happened, think about keeping it to yourself during this first phone call.

You will have plenty of time later to vent. For now you just need information because once that call is over, you can’t get ahold of him/her again to ask the right questions.

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