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Tulare County Main Jail Inmate Commissary

2404 West Burrel Avenue
Tulare County
Main Phone: 559-735-1931
Beds: 264
The information below provides complete instructions regarding the Tulare County Main Jail Inmate Accounts and Deposits, Commissary Information, Depositing Money Online (where available), Mailing Inmate Money or Care Packages to the jail in Visalia, California.

Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate has access to commissary, and in some cases medical and bail money, as soon as possible.

What is the Purpose of an Inmate Account?

Since inmates are not allowed to possess cash money while in custody in the Tulare County Main Jail, the jail maintains a 'bank account' for the inmate to purchase products and services from their commissary (canteen) store.

Commissary funds allow inmates to purchase items such as personal hygiene products, snacks and stationery supplies from the jail store.

Inmates can use money from their account to purchase phone time credits or prepaid phone cards in order to make outside phone calls to friends and family members.

Many jails also allow an inmate to bail himself out of jail if he has the funds in his account. The bail amount is typically 10-15% of the bond amount set by the court.

Inmate accounts are also used to pay the co-payment for medication and visits to the jail's medical clinic should they become ill.

Who Can Put Money in an Inmate's Account?

Anyone can contribute to an inmate’s account with the following exception.

If there is a no-contact order in place for either you or the inmate, you are not allowed to place money on that inmate’s account. Nor are you allowed to give the money to a third party and have that person put the money on the inmate’s account.

To do either is a violation of the no-contact order and can get you, the inmate or both of you in legal trouble.

How to Put Money on an Inmate Account in the Tulare County Main Jail

There are usually four choices for putting money on an inmate's books:

Choice 1
Dropping Money at the Jail

This jail provides EzMoneyLoad.com kiosks in the jail lobby Monday through Friday during business hours if you wish to make the deposit in person. There are fees for each deposit.

Choice 2
Deposit Inmate Money Online

Tulare County Main Jail contracts with a third-party vendor to process all deposits to inmate accounts.

 EZ Card and Kiosk Company

EZ Card and Kiosk Company allows friends and family members to deposit money on an inmate’s books in select facilities across the country.  The first step in depositing funds to an inmate’s account through EZ Card and Kiosk Company is to determine whether that facility is serviced by this company.

Step 1: Click here to go to the site.

Step 2: Choose a state from the drop down menu.  Once done, all facilities/counties from that state that are serviced by EZ Card and Kiosk Company will appear.  Choosing that facility will pull up the services that jail allows EZ Card and Kiosk Company to process for it. (Bail, inmate deposits, etc).


Once you know the facility is serviced by this company, proceed to steps for bail payment.

Step 1: Click on the facility or county.

Step 2: Choose a language you wish to read the instructions in. (English, Espanol or Tieng Viet).

Step 3: Choose BAIL. By selecting the facility, it will automatically show you on this screen which services are offered for that facility.

Call the jail to verify the inmate’s correct name used during booking, the bail amount and the inmate booking number.

Read and agree to terms of service that state: “ Refunds/Exonerations of payments are made to the payer in accordance with specific court policies. Checks will be distributed to the payer of record as entered during this transaction. Proper identification will be required. By clicking I Agree, you are indicating that you understand and agree to the distribution of these funds as it applies to (Name of facility). If you have questions, please call (jail number) before completing your transaction.”

Click on inmate name or inmate booking number to locate your inmate in the system.  Input the information and click next.

Some facilities do not allow online bail payments. The site will direct you to go to the jail lobby and use the EZ Card and Kiosk Company cash kiosk to complete the transaction.

If online payments are permitted, when you click on the inmate’s name and booking number the next page will ask your name and the amount you are paying.

Fee Schedule:  

$0.00 - $2000.99 = $10.00 plus 8% of Bail

$2001.00+ = 8% of Bail

You will be taken to a page to input your credit/debit card information, view the total due and hit submit if you wish to make the payment.


NOTE: Once the money is submitted either online or at a kiosk, it is non-refundable, even if you apply it to the wrong inmate, so double check all information before submitting payment.



Step 1: Click here to go to the site.

Step 2: Choose a state from the drop down menu.  Once done, all facilities/counties from that state that are serviced by EZ Card and Kiosk Company will appear.

Once you know the facility allows inmate deposits through this company, proceed to depositing funds by following these steps.

Step 1: Click on the facility or county.

Step 2: Choose a language you wish to read the instructions in. (English, Espanol or Tieng Viet).

Step 3: Choose DEPOSIT. By selecting the facility, it will automatically show you on this screen which services are offered for that facility. If no DEPOSIT or INMATE DEPOSIT etc appears, then the facility does not use this company for that service.

Step 4: Call the jail or check the jail’s online inmate search feature to verify the inmate’s correct name used during booking, the bail amount and the inmate booking number.

Step 5: Input booking number

Step 6: Agree to terms and services

Step 7: Input credit card information and amount. Screen will show you what that facility’s limits are.

Step 8: View fees and total due including the fees and your desired deposit amount.

Service fees for online deposits are:

$0.00 - $19.99 = $3.99

$20.00 - $49.99 = $5.99

$50.00 - $99.99 = $7.99

$100.00 - $199.99 = $8.99

$200.00+ = 8% of Inmate Deposit

Step 9: Submit.

Choice 3
Mail the Inmate Deposit to the Jail

This jail does not accept mailed deposits of any kind. The policy can change in the future. Click here to see if mailed deposits are currently being accepted and if so, how to address them.

Click here or here to view online how to make the money order out and where to send it.

Choice 4
Make an Inmate Deposit over the Phone

You cannot call this jail to make a deposit by phone to an inmate’s account.

What can an Inmate Purchase through Commissary?

People who have never been to jail would be surprised by the large amount of candy, snacks, art supplies, playing cards, hygiene products and clothing that can be purchased through a jail's commissary. Some jails have several hundred different items.

Stationery supplies are also available. While you cannot send stamps, envelopes, etc., to your inmate, you can put money on the account so that these things can be purchased.

The Tulare County Main Jail Commissary Instructions and Information can be found here. If you need more information contact the jail by calling 559-735-1931.

Inmate Care Packages

This jail contracts with MyCarePack.com so family and friends can buy pre-boxed items to send to the inmate.


PLEASE NOTE: Once deposit has been posted to an inmate's account it is non-refundable.

To set up an account click here

MyCarePack.com provides care packages to inmates. The site provides packages choices that comply with the specific facilities rules and limits.

To determine whether MyCarePack.com services the specific jail or prison that houses your inmate:

Click here to go to the home page

Select state from the dropdown menu

Scroll to find facility from the next drop down menu.

You can make purchases without having an account set up, but setting up an account allows you to track your orders, view what you have purchased in the past and keeps track of which inmates you have sent packages to.  Registration is free. To set up an account click here.

Step One: Provide your name, address, phone number and email in the appropriate boxes.

Step Two: Read and agree to terms of service.

Step Three: Hit Save.

MyCarePack.com accepts MasterCard and Visa payments.

Advantages to using MyCarePack.com include:
The ability to place an order any time of the day or night.

Knowing when it will be delivered. (The site provides facility specific information about deliveries and limits).

By choosing the pack to send, you know what the inmate is getting.

To order a care package:

Go to the home page by clicking here.

Select the appropriate state from the drop down menu.

Select the appropriate facility from the next drop down menu.

Click on the “enter” button

Choose what category package you wish to send. (Category choices are on the left side of the page).

Select the items you wish to buy and send to the inmate and place in “add to cart”.

If you see an inmate ID picture in lower left corner of page, click it to type in inmate first and last name and locate the inmate number.

Go to checkout and provide your credit/debit card number and submit for payment.

Save your confirmation number so you can track the package.


Tracking Your Order

You can track orders you purchase at MyCarePack.com by clicking here and entering the order confirmation number in upper right hand corner of the screen.

View Your Order History

From the homepage, log-in then press the “Order history” in top right corner of screen.

Things to Know

If you accidentally provide the wrong inmate ID number and another inmate happens to have the ID you used, that inmate will get the package. MyCarePack.com will not refund the money. Be sure of the ID number before completing an order. (If you are unsure and the site does not provide it, ask the inmate  what it is when he calls or writes).

You are allowed to send one package per week to each inmate.

If an inmate is prohibited from having certain items, MyCarePack.com will refund the amount of that item back to your card. This refund typically appears five to seven business days later.

If an item is not available the company tries to match it with a similar item. If one cannot be found your card is refunded the amount of that item. You are not given the choice between a substitute item or a refund for the item.

Prepaid debit cards might be rejected because an address has to match up before the order can go through. Many pre-paid cards do not require an address on file, therefore MyCarePack.com’s anti-fraud steps might reject the card due to invalid address.

Do not use spaces or dashes when entering your credit/debit card number.

Each facility details spending and account limits. The button is in lower left area of the page after you select the facility and press “Enter”.  If you don’t comply with the stated limits your order will be rejected.

You will notice a $1.00 pending charge on your statement. This charge is used to verify the pre-authorizing of the card and will not actually be withdrawn from the account. It will be released back to the account a few days after it happens.

Inmates typically receive their care packages two to seven days after they are purchased.

Contact information to MyCarePack.com:

Call 1-559-485-0796

What is the Maximum Amount I can Deposit in an Inmate's Account?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can place on an inmate’s account but the inmate is limited to $75 per week spending.

Call Tulare County Main Jail at 559-735-1931 or click here to learn the Inmate Account deposit limits and other rules regarding depositing money on an inmate's books.

Medical Copays, Jail Fees and other Inmate Expenses

While there is no processing fee for incoming inmates at this jail, the facility does charge $3 for each medical visit. If the inmate has no money on the books at the time of the visit, it will be charged as a negative balance to the account. When money is deposited to the account, the fees are deducted and the rest goes on the inmate’s available balance.

Important Tips

Call the Tulare County Main Jail at 559-735-1931 and ask how you can view a commissary list. This gives you an idea of what things cost the inmate and you can make an informed decision regarding how much to deposit.

Not surprisingly much of an inmate's commissary money is used to purchase item's to pay gambling debts or purchase prescription medicine from another inmate. If your inmate is spending more than $3-4.00 a day on commissary items, you are paying for him or her to gamble or buy drugs.

Put your financial needs first and the inmate's second. Don't forget, the inmate is getting three free 2,000 calorie meals a day. The food may not be of the highest quality, but the commissary food is generally much less nutritious.

Click here to view the jail website for additional information.