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Gloucester County Corrections has closed their Correctional Facilities; adult and juvenile.

Where are the Gloucester County Arrested being taken?

When a person is arrested in Gloucester County they are transported and admitted into the Salem County Jail. Once they are booked and undergo classification (or sentencing) they are then transported to another neighboring facility.

To locate which facility the adult arrestee has been transferred to, either go here to do an Offender Search for them or call 856-384-4607 or 856-384-5504 for help.

To locate where juvenile offenders are transferred to, call 856-853-3716.

The facilities for Gloucester County Adults are as follows:

-        Bo Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center, a privately run 900 bed facility in Trenton.

-        Burlington County Detention Center in Mount Holly

-        Cumberland County Jail in Bridgeton

-        Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark

-        Salem County Correctional Facility in Woodstown

The facilities for Gloucester County Juveniles are:

-        Camden County Youth Center in Lakeland (outside of Blackwood)

-        Cumberland County Juvenile Detention Center in Bridgeton

-        Middlesex County Juvenile Detention Center in North Brunswick

-        Burlington Juvenile Detention Center in Pemberton


Where Can I go to post Bond or Bail?

For information on how and where to post bail for an Offender, you must contact the facility where they are being housed.


Gloucester County Alternative Sentencing

Some offenders may be eligible for either the Home Electronic Detention Program, which allows the man or woman to stay at home or continue working under very strict 24-hour electronic monitoring.

Another option is the Labor Assistance Program, which allows the offender to continue working and providing for the family and be a contributing member of society.

Home Electronic Detention Program - 856-384-4608

Labor Assistance Program - 856-384-4675

In addition, Gloucester County houses the following juvenile facility: Gloucester County Juvenile Detention.

Gloucester County Correctional Facility Inmate Search

Gloucester County Corrections

Arrestees are initially transported to Salem County Corrections for classification, then moved to and housed in another facility

(Men and women serving time or awaiting trial for crimes committed in Gloucester County may be housed in Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Essex or Salem Counties)

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