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Trumbull County Jail Inmate Commissary

150 High Street NW
Trumbull County
Main Phone: 330-675-2508
Beds: 300
The information below provides complete instructions regarding the Trumbull County Jail Inmate Accounts and Deposits, Commissary Information, Depositing Money Online (where available), Mailing Inmate Money or Care Packages to the jail in Warren, Ohio.

Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate has access to commissary, and in some cases medical and bail money, as soon as possible.

What is the Purpose of an Inmate Account?

Since inmates are not allowed to possess cash money while in custody in the Trumbull County Jail, the jail maintains a 'bank account' for the inmate to purchase products and services from their commissary (canteen) store.

Commissary funds allow inmates to purchase items such as personal hygiene products, snacks and stationery supplies from the jail store.

Who Can Put Money in an Inmate's Account?

Anybody can contribute to an inmate's books or commissary fund as long as there isn't a no-contact order in place.

Because of the ability for family members and friends to deposit money online using a credit or debit card, jail inmates can now receive funds from anywhere in the world.

How to Put Money on an Inmate Account in the Trumbull County Jail

There are usually four choices for putting money on an inmate's books:

Choice 1
Dropping Money at the Jail

This jail does not accept in person deposits to inmate accounts.

Choice 2
Deposit Inmate Money Online

This jail does not allow deposits to inmate accounts to be made online. The policy can change in the future. Click here to see if online deposits are currently being accepted.  

Choice 3
Mail the Inmate Deposit to the Jail

The only way you can deposit money to an inmate account at this jail is to mail it. There is no limit to how much you can deposits.

Make the money order out to the inmate’s first and last name and mail to:

Inmate first and last name

150 High Street NW

Warren, OH 44481

Choice 4
Make an Inmate Deposit over the Phone

You cannot make deposits to inmate accounts by phone at this facility.

What can an Inmate Purchase through Commissary?

People who have never been to jail would be surprised by the large amount of candy, snacks, art supplies, playing cards, hygiene products and clothing that can be purchased through a jail's commissary. Some jails have several hundred different items.

Inmate Care Packages

This jail does not provide inmate care packages. The policy could change in the future.

What is the Maximum Amount I can Deposit in an Inmate's Account?

There is not a limit to what you can deposit to an inmate’s account, but the inmate is limited on what he or she can spend each week.

Medical Copays, Jail Fees and other Inmate Expenses

Inmates are not charged fees for booking, processing or medical visits.

Important Tips

Call the Trumbull County Jail at 330-675-2508 and ask how you can view a commissary list. This gives you an idea of what things cost the inmate and you can make an informed decision regarding how much to deposit.

Put your financial needs first and the inmate's second. Don't forget, the inmate is getting three free 2,000 calorie meals a day. The food may not be of the highest quality, but the commissary food is generally much less nutritious.

Click here to view the jail website for additional information.