Four Good Reasons to Bail Him Out of Jail

He is in jail and you are angry. It is tempting to leave him there, but if you are sure he will appear in court on time if he is released, there are four good reasons to bail him out:

  1. He can work. If you depended on his income before he got arrested, going it alone now will be hard.

If he stays in jail too long he risks losing the job, which means if he wins his case in the end he will have to find a new job and wait for that first paycheck before you get help with the bills.

Bailing him out lets him keep working until the case is completely done.

  1. Family time. If there are children at home, they need to spend as much time as possible with him, especially if he ultimately loses the case and is sentenced to jail or prison.

Most kids don’t get mad if dad is arrested, they get scared.

Bailing him out lets him calm the kids and explain what is happening.

  1. Fight the case. It is common knowledge that it is easier to fight a case from outside.

Once he is incarcerated he is severely limited in what he can do to help prepare his defense. He can’t just pick up the phone to talk to his attorney, speak with witnesses, and plan a strategy.

On the outside he can do all of this and more. Bailing him out gives him a much better chance to successfully fight the case against him.

  1. Fix things with you. Very few arrests give the defendant time to talk things over with his spouse or significant other.

Chances are, you have many unanswered questions that cannot be said on the phone because all jail calls are recorded.

Bailing him out gives the two of you time to really talk about what happened and get all your questions answered.

Final thoughts: Anger is natural. Fear usually comes right behind it. Having him nearby as you adjust to the fact he is facing criminal charges might be well worth the bail fee.




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