Contacting Inmates

Why Can’t I Put a Three-Way Call Through for an Inmate?

Your inmate might ask you to put a telephone call of his through to another person by using the three-way system. Most cell phones and landlines are set up so that three people can converse on one phone call. Jails around the country typically don’t allow this. Here are some of the facts.

Why Do Inmates Ask about Three-Way Calls?

  • The three-way system allows inmates to speak
Contacting Inmates

Inmate Phone Calls: Are They Listening in and Recording?

To an inmate, the phone is a lifeline to the outside world. Some inmates dial memorized numbers all day long, hoping that someone will pick up. It is important to remember that every phone call between an inmate and an outside number is recorded, and callers should act accordingly.

Avoid anything incriminating.

Staff members can listen to recorded calls.

Many jails have moved to computerized systems with… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Communicating in Jails and Prisons: How Inmates Get Around the System

Inmates spend a lot of time locked into jail or prison cells. Over the years a standardized systems have evolved so that wherever an inmate is sent to do his time, he will be able to communicate with other inmates. Here are the main methods:


The kite system is universally accepted among inmates as a way to talk, exchange information or make arrangements. A kite… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Avoid These Words During a Jail Call

It might feel like your husband’s calls from jail are just between the two of you, but that is not always the case. All calls are recorded. Many facilities then use a computer program to “listen” to the calls and identify those that contain certain words or phrases.

  1. Escape:  The word escape is a trigger for the computer programs and can be misleading
Contacting Inmates

Jail Calls: How Will He Call Me From Jail?

He is in county jail and wants to call but the jail phones don’t allow collect calls out. You will need to open an account with whatever company the jail has a contract with. The following steps will help you get it done.

Call the jail: Ask the jail personnel what company the jail has contracted with for phone calls out. They will give you the name of the… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Jail Calls: More charges after he called me from jail, why?

Many times when a loved one is arrested and taken to jail, there isn’t time to ask for details. He is put in a squad car and driven away, leaving you wondering why he was accused, what evidence they have and whether or not he did it. But be very careful because all calls from the jail to an outside phone are recorded. The temptation to get information when he… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Inmate Mail: When I Write Letters to Someone in Jail, Can They Use What’s In those Letters Against An Inmate?

In a word, yes. Assume that nothing is private. The only mail that cannot be read by jail personnel is mail that is coming in from an attorney or going out to an attorney, and even then, the jail might require that the mail be opened in front of them so they can search it for contraband and generally screen the mail. Some facilities have been looking for ways to… Read more

Contacting Inmates

Will the Jail or Prison Workers Read The Letters I Send?

Being separated from someone you love because he or she is incarcerated is difficult. Because all calls from prisons and jails are recorded, you are hesitant to talk about anything personal or intimate on the phone. Instead, you turn to letters. Pouring your heart out in a letter feels almost like the inmate is sitting right there with you. It is easy to forget that the letter will pass through… Read more