5 Facts About Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

You’ve likely heard about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law in the news ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting.  The law clearly states that a person has the right to use firearms against his or her attacker regardless of whether or not there’s another way to handle the situation.  Let’s take a look at 5 facts about this law and how it has caused a great deal of controversy.

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Florida Marion County Jail
County Jails

Marion County Jail in Florida – Visiting, Searching, Contacting an Inmate

The Corrections Division is responsible for providing the care, custody and control of the inmates incarcerated in the Marion County Jail. The jail exists for the detention of persons as required by law. Confined in the jail are persons serving time for crimes for which they have been convicted, and others who are awaiting trial, transfer to other county or municipal facilities, or transfer to the state prison system… Read more


Brevard County Jail – Visiting, Searching, Contacting an Inmate

The Brevard County Jail Complex is owned and maintained by the Board of County Commissioners and is operated by the Sheriff. The Jail is accredited through the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission. The main jail opened in 1986 with beds for 386 inmates.Today, the Jail Complex routinely houses over 1,500 inmates daily with 1,321 permanent inmate beds. The Jail Complex consists of a Booking area, Housing areas, Medical Ward, Laundry facility… Read more