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Dallas County Jail – Decker Detention Center in Texas

Decker Detention Center: The Bill Decker Detention Center is located at 899 North Stemmons Fwy Dallas, Texas 75202.  The Decker Detention Center was named after one of Dallas County’s most notorious Sheriff’s, James E. Bill Decker.  He was known for his fearlessness and being a fair lawman.

This once well-known luxury hotel and nightspot was owned by Actress Doris Day.  The Beatles once stayed on the fourth floor during… Read more

County Jails

Dallas County Jail – North Tower in Texas

There are six detention facilities within the Dallas County Sheriffs Department. These facilities can house more than 7500 inmates with a detention staff of 900 employees. The Dallas County Detention Facilities are self sufficient and operate 24-hours a day 365 days a year.

North Tower Detention Facility: was constructed in 1993, this ultramodern facility holds 2,364 maximum security inmates with 188 single cells. It takes a staff of  350… Read more

County Jails

Dallas County Jail – Suzanne Lee Kays Detention Facility in Texas

Suzanne Lee Kays Detention Facility: (Also known as South Tower) is the Flagship of the Dallas Sheriffs Department. This facility is the departments first direct supervision facility,  meaning the floor officers work inside the actual housing unit with the inmates.  The construction of this facility was completed in spring of 2008.

This Detention Center was dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Lee Kays back in 1995 by Sheriff Jim… Read more

County Jails

Dallas County Jail – West Tower in Texas

West Tower Detention Facility:  Is located within the Lew Sterrett Justice Center.  The West Tower has 132 tanks and 25 single cells.  It can house up to 1478 male inmates.

The West Tower houses a variety of classifications besides medium and maximum custody inmates.  These classifications include: Class “C” Trusty,  Infirmary, lower bunk medical restriction, closed behavioral observation, suicidal, HIV, homosexual and sex crimes against children.  The inmates are… Read more