Probation Information

You are on Felony Probation: 4 Things Not To Do

Being on felony probation means you report to a probation officer by phone or in person, typically once a month.  Between your reporting dates, you need to stay on your probation officer’s good side.

  1. 1.    Don’t associate with felons. Almost all felony probation officers will tell you not to hang around with known felons. It can get you violated. Some probationers have tried to claim they didn’t know

What are the Penalties for Probation Violations?

A probation violation conviction can mean being sent to jail or prison, but there are alternative penalties that can be used instead, including:

Revocation and reinstatement: The judge and the probation officer can agree to revoke your probation for the violation and immediately reinstate you on new probation.

Increased supervision: Your probation rules might get stricter and now include things like more frequent reporting, house arrest or wearing… Read more


Probation Violations and How to Avoid Them

Obviously, if you are on probation and catch a new charge, you will be violated, but you might be surprised to discover what non-criminal events can also cause a violation to be filed. Some examples:

Failed drug test: Failing a drug test is not a crime, unless you are on probation. Then it is called a “technical violation” and you can have your probation revoked over it and go… Read more


What is a Probation Violation?

Whether you are on probation after being in jail or you were allowed to be on probation instead of going to jail, there are rules and guidelines that you are required to follow. If you break any of these rules, your probation officer has the right to violate your probation. Only an attorney should advise you about legal issues but understanding what can get you violated might help you avoid… Read more

Probation Information

What is a Probation Pill Check or Probation Pill Count?

If you are on probation or parole, any prescribed medication you take must be disclosed to your supervising officer. He or she will keep some or all of the following information on file:

  • The name of the medication
  • How often you are supposed to take it
  • The milligrams or micrograms per pill
  • The quantity you are supposed to take each time
  • The expiration date

Can I Move my Probation / Parole to Another State?

A court can give you permission to temporarily leave state to work or to visit a gravely ill family member, but to move out of state, to leave for more than 45 days, you must apply for an Interstate Compact Transfer through your probation department. If you apply successfully, your probation will be transferred to the new state for supervision. The sending state, however, retains the right to call you… Read more