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What is N-Bomb and How Can It Hurt Me?

N-Bomb users are told it is a legal alternative to LSD, but it is not legal in several states and authorities report that it is the most powerful and potentially lethal synthetic drug seen in decades. Several teens and young adults have died from the effects of N-Bomb.

  • The biggest danger with N-Bomb is that you don’t really know what is in each dose. It is not manufactured in
Substance Abuse

PALS is Exclusively for the Parents of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

You tried the Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings, but you want to go somewhere else where everyone involved is the parent of a drug addict or alcoholic. Parents have a unique path to follow because it is their child at stake, and the parental instinct to save their child is overpowering. You want to meet with others who know how you feel. Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL) might be
Substance Abuse

What are Medical Marijuana Cards?

A Medical Marijuana card is provided by the state and given to people so that they can legally use Marijuana for medical purposes. Not all states allow Medical Marijuana cards. The cards are regulated and there are rules that must be followed. Who Gets Medical Marijuana Cards? Each state determines which medical conditions will be included in the list of allowable health issues for a Medical Marijuana card. Approved conditions
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Fitness after Drug Addiction: Getting healthy once you are sober

Now that you are in recovery, it’s time to start conditioning. During your drug using days, you didn’t take great care of yourself. The following tips will help you correct what that self-neglect caused in your body. Get a Complete physical: The medical check you got when you entered rehab was not a complete physical. It just made sure you were healthy
Substance Abuse

Recovering Alcoholic Explains his Disease Progression

How old were you when you first started? 

I started very young. When I was ten, both of my parents worked full-time so they told my 17-year-old brother to watch me after school and on the weekends while they worked. He and his friend would drink and smoke weed, so I just started taking sips along with them. 

When did it become alcoholism?

I’m not sure exactly when that happened, but I do… Read more

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Will the Police tell me if these are drugs I found in my house?

You found suspicious looking pills or other possible drugs in your house or car. Will the police identify them for you? In many cities the answer is yes but the way you approach it can reduce potential problems. Only an attorney should advise you about individual situations but the following tips can be helpful in deciding what to do. Call and ask: Before walking into a police department possessing what might
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How to Force Him Into Rehab

There is a common misconception in the world that forcing a drug addict into treatment won’t do any good. This is not true. Many addicts have been pushed into rehab and come out clean and in recovery. How You Can Force the Issue: No more home: Parents and spouses nationwide use their homes as leverage to get addicts into rehab. Lots of addicts will claim they would rather live in the
Substance Abuse

Behaviors That Indicate That An Addict Is Still Sober

Doubts can persist, and you may find yourself wondering if an addict is still sober or has relapsed. The following six signs are pretty good indicators that he is still doing what he learned while in rehab.

  1. He is being responsible. He goes to work, he stays for his entire shift, and he takes care of his errands.
  2. He is paying bills, and they’re being paid on time. There are