Drug Addiction and Anger: Why Should I Do Anything for Him After All He Did?

When your boyfriend was doing drugs, there was chaos everywhere he went.  Now that he completed rehab and is in recovery, he might need assistance with a few things to get started again. Putting your anger aside and helping him can provide the following benefits.

Self-confidence: Whether he admits it or not, when he was using, his self-confidence was destroyed. Giving him assistance in things, such as rides to job interviews, will help him get a job, and this will build his self-confidence.

Valuable Lessons: By the time he went to rehab, everyone probably had stopped helping him in any manner. Now that he is in recovery, giving him assistance in the small things will reinforce the lesson that when he makes the right choices, good things can happen.

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Rebuilding the relationship: Spending time with him while you give him rides or help him look for a place to live gives the two of you some alone time. What a great opportunity to laugh, joke, and stop for ice cream and generally start rebuilding the relationship you had before drugs entered the picture.

Reinforcing sober friendships:  Active addicts typically cut everyone except for other addicts out of their lives. Going to rehab meant dropping connections. You are one of the few sober relationships he has, and your support and actions will encourage him to move forward in the search for additional sober friends.

It’s just nice to do. People volunteer to help strangers every single day. This is someone you care about who just won the fight of his life to get sober. Enabling him by doing it all for him is wrong, but spending some time helping him get back on track is a positive thing to do.

Final thoughts: There is a thin line between helping and enabling. Be sure to take care of yourself while doing things for him. With a small amount of assistance in getting back on track, the two of you will be able to move forward together.

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