Can a Felon Own a Gun In West Virginia?

West Virginia still requires you to receive a pardon from the governor’s office before you can own/possess a gun in that state. Obtaining a pardon in West Virginia is very difficult. Over a recent period of nine different governors, only 131 pardons were granted out of all that applied. An attorney experienced in obtaining felony pardons can help you with the petition.

Pardon Requests

While some states have a Board of Pardon and Parole, the state of West Virginia requires you to apply directly to the governor’s office to be granted a pardon. Most pardon requests are declined. Furthermore, if your felony conviction was for murder, treason or kidnap, you cannot apply for a pardon.

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There is no cost to petition the state of West Virginia’s governor for a pardon.

Wait Time

There is no waiting period required. You can petition for a pardon the day after your conviction, but keep in mind, one of the things the governor examines is how long ago your felony conviction occurred and if you have had criminal trouble since then.

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