Federal Inmate Visitation Facts

Your husband will be allowed to have visitors on visitation day once he reaches his home federal prison. You will need to be on his visitation list and get approved but once that happens you can go see him. You might find the following information useful.

How Long You Can Visit?

Federal law states that federal inmates are allowed to have a minimum of four hours per month of visiting time. Most prisons provide the opportunity for more than that, but the minimum is four.

The prison warden can restrict visiting hours or number of visitors per inmate to prevent visitation room overcrowding.

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What About Touching During a Visit?

You will be allowed to briefly kiss, hug or hold hands at the start of the visit. You will have the same privilege at the visit’s end, but in-between you will be expected to have no physical contact with your husband.

This is about security, and the guards can be strict about it, even sometimes banning the contact at the start or the end of the visit.

Other Behaviors During Visits

The visiting room must remain as organized and quiet as possible. Guards will ask you to leave if you and your husband cause any scenes, make too much noise, or continually bother other visitors and inmates.

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Final thoughts: It sounds like a lot of rules, but the trade-off will be seeing your husband in person on a regular basis again.

Remember, a lot can be said with the eyes and a smile. Having you there means the world to him. Obeying the visitation rules ensures you will be allowed to return.

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